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kafy crypto is a global crypto media, research and marketing agency.

Some Companies We Have Worked For

Over the past 2 years, Kafy Crypto agency has worked with numerous clients in the crypto industry, including blockchain startups, crypto exchanges, and token offerings including Mexc, and web3gate among others.

Founder kafycrypto

Okafor Marycynthia is a crypto trader and a social media consultant. She has spent the last 4 years mastering her skills as a marketer and a trader. Her crypto marketing agency, Kafy Crypto, which just kicked off fully as a brand last year has over 10k engaging clients and community both offline and online 

Why Choose Us

We drive results with proven processes but, more importantly, we treat everyone like a client, not an account.

we provide full consultation

At Kafy Crypto, we offer consultations to all prospective clients. We want you to understand the ins-and-outs of how a new marketing strategy can take your business to the next level.

We value our client

Kafy Crypto is heavily invested in the success of our clients. We only provide you with recommendations on services that can help improve your business. Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow.

we have a track record of success

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve worked with a range of top crypto brands. Feel free to ask for verified testimonials if you’d like to see what our past clients think of our work

We believe in building high value

We connect, explore, create, empower and grow together.

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