Is Google Forms Bitcoin A Scam: Everything You Need to Know

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Welcome to kafycrypto, your number-one crypto news, and Webs marketing agency. Have you heard of Google Forms Bitcoin? Have you ever received an email from Google Forms that informed you of the result of a form-filling activity you were engaged in that you can’t recall but has given you access to a certain amount of Bitcoin? I have, and so have many other email users. What was the outcome? And what does it all mean?

Tentatively, Google now gives out Bitcoin through Google Forms. But it’s likely not the case since some have claimed that the emails are scams. However, others believe the emails are legit since they can escape spam filters and hit a user’s inbox.


This article will provide accurate details regarding Google Forms Bitcoin so that you will know how to respond when or if you or your friend receive the email.

What is Google Forms Bitcoin?

Google Forms Bitcoin is a suspicious Bitcoin offer email users receive in their inboxes. The email’s sender is usually Google Forms, and the subject claims that a certain amount of Bitcoin is available to the user.

On opening the email, users find the content claiming that they qualify for free Bitcoin donation due to an alleged application they submitted earlier. Then, the user is congratulated and asked to take specific actions.

This offer has attracted lots of attention from internet users because of the sender (Google Forms) and because it arrives directly in the user’s inbox. Because the email offers users Bitcoin through Google forms, the internet has described it as Google Forms Bitcoin.

How Does Google Forms Bitcoin Work?

The Google Forms Bitcoin process is more or less straightforward. The form in the email as shown below has a few links, one of which leads to a PHP site that presents the user with a few donors who have offered some Bitcoin. The user is then required to accept the offers and carry out some actions that will grant access to the donated Bitcoin. 

A picture of the google forms bitcoin email

Here’s a summary of the process:

  • Click the link in the email: the first step is to click the link you find in the email, which usually leads to a simple landing page titled “CRYPTO DONATE.”
  • Click to accept all donations: The landing page displays several donors donating various amounts of Bitcoin. You are required to click to accept each donation.
  • Fill in your details to receive Bitcoin: On accepting all the donations, the site presents you with the total Bitcoin gift and a form to fill in your personal information to receive the whole Bitcoin offer.
  • Send Bitcoin to receive Bitcoin: When you complete the form, you will receive one participant’s details and wallet address. You will then be required to send a random amount of Bitcoin.

google forms bitcoin kini

Do People Receive Bitcoin Via Google Forms Bitcoin?

Thus far, the number of users who have received Bitcoin through Google forms could be more precise. However, the internet is rife with critical comments regarding Google Forms Bitcoin emails, and recipients of the email mostly give negative comments about it.

Quite a lot of the reviewers detest the invasive nature of the email. They are shocked that the email’s content didn’t match their initial expectation when they saw the sender, Google Forms. Most users also felt offended that the email accused them of filling out a form that they certainly didn’t fill.

If some people received Bitcoin through the forms, they kept it to themselves, or their reviews were utterly drowned by the overflow of negative reviews online because our research didn’t reveal any such claims. We only spotted a positive review of the project on the “CRYPTO DONATE” page itself, which doesn’t say much for anyone else.

This self-acclamation from the company verifies the claim from certain quarters that the email is from scammers.

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Google Forms Bitcoin – Scam, or Legit?

A scam is a fraudulent scheme created to mislead people and craftily obtain their money, personal information, or other valuable assets. Scams come in various forms, including phishing emails, fake investment opportunities, and sweepstakes or lottery scams. A scam is promised value not delivered after the receiving party fulfills the transaction’s obligations.

Scammers often use persuasive communication to convince victims to part with their money or information. Such communication may include the following:

  • Creating a sense of urgency or fear.
  • Promising unrealistic returns or benefits.
  • Impersonating a trusted person or entity.
  • Using social engineering techniques to gain their trust.

Judging from this understanding, let’s see some features of Google Forms Bitcoin that compare to scams.

  1. Unsolicited email: in every case, the email was an intrusion. No user reported subscribing to the email sender’s list or filling out the form.
  2. Misleading and persuasive title: the subject of the email usually reads like this, “0.23508 BTC is available to you!” However, the content strays wildly from the initial message.
  3. Impersonation: the mail usually has Google forms as the sender, and this misleads users to believe that the mail is from Google. Thus, the perpetrators impersonate Google.
  4. Dishonest claim: the first line of the email usually says, “Thanks for filling out….” Dishonestly claiming that the user filled out a form before receiving the mail. As noted earlier, most users denied filling out any form before receiving the email. Hence, the first line must be a hoax.
  5. Suspicious links: unwanted links are considered despicable in the online space. The form that comes in the mail has a lot of links that scream “SCAM!”
  6. Questionable donation request: some users followed through with the process and got to a point where the site requested they donate some Bitcoin to a participant before they could receive theirs. Most of the reviewers stopped at this point, sensing the fraudulent intent of the process. 

A critical analysis reveals that the Google Forms Bitcoin email is likely a scam; hence, you should be vigilant and respond with discretion if you receive it. Some reviewers have openly named it a scam on Youtube and other social media platforms.

It’s essential to be aware of common scams and take steps to protect yourself. Remain cautious about sharing personal information online. Always verify the authenticity of requests for money or information, and be most skeptical of unsolicited offers that sound too good to be true.

How to Respond to Google Forms BItcoin Email and Avoid Getting Scammed

You can handle the Bitcoin offer that hits your inbox through Google Forms in various ways. You may go through the process and see where it ends or save the mail for later. However, we do not recommend you take any of those actions.

Here are some ways you can safely respond to the Google Forms Bitcoin email:

Ignore it

You can ignore the email if you ever receive it; this option is not advised. You can always identify the email by its subject and sender.

Delete the email

Many email users delete unwanted emails from their inboxes daily. If you are a user that tends toward deleting emails, you should do that with the Google Forms Bitcoin email. However, deleting it will not prevent a similar mail from hitting your box another time.

Send to spam folder

Most email clients allow users to report spam and delete the email, which is the best option as it removes the mail from your inbox and prevents reoccurrence.

Block sender

This final option is as good as the last. You open the email and block the sender.

So What?!

It is crucial to be cautious when receiving unsolicited emails, especially when the email is requesting sensitive information or offering something too good to be true. It is advisable to avoid clicking on links from unknown sources or disclosing personal data to such sources. When in doubt, it is always best to verify the source of the email or website before taking any action.

In conclusion, Google Forms Bitcoin is a fraudulent scheme that preys on unsuspecting users who are looking to earn free Bitcoin. It is essential to remain vigilant and avoid falling victim to such scams by being cautious when receiving unsolicited emails and verifying the source of the email or website before taking any action.