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Blockchain Developer's Salary


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As reported by Linkedin, Blockchain is one of the hard skills most companies need these days. The total value of the cryptocurrency market currently exceeds the $1 trillion record. You can learn more about decentralized finance here.

As that count continues to sprout, companies are desperately searching for skilled professionals. The population of blockchain devs is also on the rise so there’s competition.

You may be looking to acquire a skill in the tech world or to switch roles for better pay and intrigue. And you may have considered the blockchain industry. But you are not quite sure what the benefits are, or the nature of remuneration in the blockchain. That’s not a problem.

Right here, we will take some time and lines of text to examine some details about a blockchain developer’s salary. But before we begin looking at a blockchain dev’s salary, let’s learn a little about what he/she does.

What Is Blockchain Development?

Blockchain is somewhat new to the technology scene. Consequently, Blockchain development is still a difficult concept to grasp for many.

Blockchain is a data structure that is quite impossible to alter. It’s a record book of transactions where modifications are replicated and distributed over the whole network.

Organizations use blockchain to carry out transactions with clarity. And it is presently used for a variety of things. From business transactions to medical information systems, and for storing smart contracts.

Who Is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is a software developer who focuses on blockchain technology. Developers create programs and test software and systems. They work using encrypted codes in front of numerous monitors.

They convey an earmarked kind of skills to the board. Most come to these roles with an experience in Python and Javascript. Paired with strong cryptology and artificial or machine learning skills.

These developers manage the building and expansion of all blockchain formalities. They design the architecture of blockchain systems. Blockchain developers also build decentralized apps on top of their project’s protocol.

Types of Blockchain Developers

There are two types of blockchain developers. The two kinds are core and software developers.

Core blockchain developers work on system designs. They handle cybersecurity measures and monitor the blockchain network.

Blockchain software developers model, outline, picture, plan, and create applications for blockchain platforms.

Skill requirements for a Robust Blockchain Developer’s Salary

To be a well-paid blockchain developer you need certain skills and qualifications. For, example, a degree certificate in computer science, info-tech, and any security-related courses. You also need some professional certificates from recognized professional bodies and hands-on experience.

A Blockchain Developer’s Salary in Detail (Averages)

Glassdoor averaged blockchain developer salary for all years of experience at $119,614. This figure can be broken down into three levels of expertise:

1. Median Entry-Level Blockchain Developer Salary (1-3 years:) $117,711
Range: $53,000 to $272,000
2. Median Intermediate Blockchain Developer Salary (4-6 years:) $119,652
Range: $49,000 to $308,000
3. Median Senior Blockchain Developer Salary (7-9 years:) $123,845

Range: $45,000 to $354,000

The data above is from the Glassdoor platform as of May 2022. ZipRecruiter reports a higher average blockchain developer salary among their users—$154,550.

A Blockchain Developer’s Salary | Remote Staff

The average yearly salary for a Remote developer in Web3 is $103k per year. This is with a minimum base salary of $60k and a maximum of $180k

A Blockchain Developer’s Salary in Nigeria

Blockchain developer's Salary
Diagram from Salary Explorer.

The experience level is the most important factor in determining the salary. Generally, the more years of experience you get, the higher your wage. Let’s now see what the salaries look like according to years of experience.

0-2 years of experience earns approximately 173,000 NGN per month.
2 -5 years of experience earns 212,000 NGN in a month.
5-10 years of experience can earn a salary of 301,000 NGN per month.

Furthermore, Blockchain Developer(s) whose expertise is 10-15 years earn 352,000 NGN per month. If the developer’s hands-on experience ranges from 15-20 years, the developer’s salary is 387,000 NGN per month. At the apex, a blockchain developer with 20 years or more experience earns a salary of 409,000 NGN per month.

A Blockchain Developer’s Salary in Different Countries of the World.

Please note that the figures presented here are dynamic. They are based on precise geographical location, company size, spikes in demand, and other factors. Therefore, they are infinitely subject to change. The following is the annual average of a blockchain developer’s salary in different parts of the world.

The average annual salary of a blockchain developer in:

  • India is over ₹460K
  • US is over $96K
  • The UK is over £68,000
  • Singapore is around S$95,865
  • Canada is CAD 95,000
  • Germany ranges from $60K to $150K
  • Switzerland is USD 180,000
  • Canada is C$136,500. Additionally, an entry-level position averages C$78,500
  • China is between Standard ¥45k to ¥60k, according to the Blockchain Council. Directors and managers earn approximately ¥60k to ¥120k.

A Blockchain Developer’s Salary in Various Regions of the World

The average yearly salary for a Blockchain Developer is $100k per year. This is so with a minimum base salary of $50k and a maximum of $180k. The following list outlines some regional blockchain dev salaries:

Blockchain Devs in:

  • North America on average make $120k – $200k per year.
  • Oceania on average make $85k – $120k per year.
  • Europe on average make $73k – $130k per year.
  • South America on average make $42k – $48k per year.
  • Asia on average make $41k – $100k per year.
  • Africa on average make $27k – $45k per year.

Let’s take a look at some Blockchain Developer Salary by Location

Location  Avg Yearly Salary  Min Yearly Salary  Max Yearly Salary 
North America









South America




















The blockchain industry is lucrative. Most participants are properly rewarded for their efforts. The developers are not exempt from this benefit. You can see from what we have documented above that a blockchain developer’s salary is quite robust.

So, if you are considering a career in the field of blockchain, you can go ahead and make the decision. But you will need to put in the work. As long as you do that, you will be rewarded to your satisfaction.

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