Best 7 Crypto Nodes That Pay

crypto nodes that pay


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Making money from cryptocurrency is becoming more popular. It is safe to say that it is now the in thing. The first time I made money through crypto was through hodling. Which is the same way most people made a fortune from cryptocurrency.


But my case was more of forgetting that hodling. I bought a little crypto and forgot about it until many years later when the crypto rush began. Then I remembered I had some coins somewhere and went searching for my key. Voila! I made a profit.

Consequently, I picked up an interest in blockchain and crypto. My search for knowledge got me to learn about modern ways to make money from crypto. And there are diverse ways indeed.

Owning crypto nodes is one of the modern ways to make money from cryptocurrency. In this article, we will learn how the process works. We’ll also examine 7 crypto nodes that pay.

What is a crypto node?

A blockchain is a network of computers that run software that securely stores transaction information. A node is one of those computers in that network.

The function of a node is to validate transactions stored on the blockchain. Therefore, nodes improve the level of security of the blockchain. Invariably, nodes add strength to the blockchain.

Nodes are peculiar to their blockchain. As a result, there are various types of nodes.

What are crypto node projects?

In the context of this blog post, we’ll describe crypto node projects as companies that offer Node as a Service (NaaS). Since nodes help strengthen a blockchain, NaaS companies make it possible for blockchain protocols to gain more nodes. They do this by offering ordinary users incentives for setting up and running nodes on a blockchain.

So the blockchain needs more nodes to increase security. However, nodes need some resources to get set up and stay running. But, unlike miners, blockchain nodes usually don’t get paid.

So there’s a dilemma. How can blockchain protocols increase the number of nodes on their network?

Crypto node projects provide the solution by creating platforms that make it easy for any individual to set up and run nodes. Users receive incentives for running the nodes that make the blockchain more secure.

This all means a win for everyone in many ways. That said, in the following section we’ll see just how worthwhile it is to run nodes with NaaS companies.

Do Crypto nodes make money?

Investors have used crypto nodes to earn passive income for years now. Earning through nodes may be uncommon to new investors, but it isn’t a mystery. Crypto nodes do make money and have making money for investors.

Older nodes like Thor and Vapornodes made money for early investors. Nodes have continued to be profitable investments, despite the sustained deep in crypto prices.

Can You Make Money From a Bitcoin Node?

The answer is, ‘Yes.’ Although not directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, you can make money from Bitcoin nodes. An investor will make money from Bitcoin nodes by investing in projects that list Bitcoin nodes in their NaaS offer.

In the following section, we will look at some crypto node projects, and you will find the ones that offer Bitcoin nodes. But for now, you should know that you can earn Bitcoin by investing in Bitcoin Lightening.

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7 Crypto Nodes that Pay

 Now, here is an outline of seven crypto nodes that pay. These nodes have been profitable to investors and they continued to rake in profits for operators.

#1 Crypto Nodes that Pay – Gala

Gala Games is a decentralized play-and-earn platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project serves as a launchpad for the development of decentralized gaming apps.

Gamers are the point of focus in the project founded by Eric Schiermeyer in January 2018. They make the decision about what games should be listed on the platform. The players make this decision using $GALA, the native token of the Gala Games ecosystem.

Players earn $GALA by participating in games hosted on the network. However, gaming isn’t the only way to earn $GALA. The token can also be earned by running nodes of the Gala Games network.

$GALA is listed on Coinmarketcap and is currently at $0.03666. So, yes, you can earn from Gala nodes. As of the time of this post, you can get paid for running Gala Games nodes.

#2 Crypto Nodes that Pay – Flux

Flux network is a fully decentralized blockchain that provides infrastructure for running DApps.Flux is known for offering Blockchain-as-a-Service to companies at a drastically reduced rate. They are able to achieve this because of their robust decentralized infrastructure.

Flux was founded, and is run, by a fully doxxed team. You can find details of the team’s outstanding members here.

The robustness of the flux blockchain is a result of the vast number of nodes within the network. Flux allows individuals to run nodes on a VPS by staking the $FLUX coin. There are currently three types of flux nodes. The types of nodes are based on the level of hardware needed to run them, and the profit they yield.

The three nodes available to investors in the flux network are Stratus, Nimbus, and Cumulus. Of the three nodes Stratus is the most profitable. But it also requires the most amount of collateral. While Cumulus is the least of the three.

Flux nodes are an expensive investment. But they provide consistent profit for an extended period. So, yes, Flux is one more crypto node project that pays. Let’s see some more.

#3 Crypto Nodes that Pay – Axel

Axel Global is a blockchain project that aims to help individuals and enterprises manage digital content. According to their official whitepaper, Axel believes that data creators should retain control of their data.

Axel is fully dependent on Mastenode technology. This means that Axel nodes are Proof of Stake nodes. Therefore, the user must stake a certain amount of the AXEL utility token to run a node The nodes help improve security and stability within the network. While the node operators get rewarded with utility nodes that they can exchange for cash or other cryptocurrencies.