Bnbpot review – Is Bnbpot a good investment

Bnbpot review - Is Bnbpot a good investment


Welcome to Kafycrypto, your number-one crypto news, and marketing channel. We are going to be looking out bnbpot review, by the end of this blog post, you should know if bnbpot is a good project to invest your money into



BNBpot is bringing something that is entirely new to the betting and casino industry and is the first of its kinds in the cryptocurrency market.

What is BNBpot 

BNBpot is the World’s first truly decentralized casino project . BNBPot is simply a web3 application that visualizes the events & activities of smart contracts on blockchains. 

BNBPot is a platform that facilitates Peer-to-Peer betting that is completely decentralized, trustless, and 100% transparent. BNBPot provides the framework for players to bet against one another safely and fairly on the platform in various game and wager types.

BNBP Token Utility The primary utility in holding BNBP Token is that it represents a share of the fees generated by BNBPot based on the number of shares an individual holder has staked within BNBPot vs. the total number of BNBP tokens staked.

BNBpot: Why decentralize a casino

  1. Guaranteed fairness in the games. All game code is transparent and on-chain.
  2. Guaranteed payouts. Instant payouts directly to your wallet every time you win.
  3. No censorship. Anyone with a wallet and crypto can enter the games.
  4. Lowest fees and highest RTP in the industry
  5. All profits are distributed in a completely decentralized and automated manner to BNBP holders

BNBpot: Player vs. Player concept

All games on BNBPot are developed to be player vs player. They  match players against each other in a secure and decentralized way. This means that BNBPot simply provides a series of decentralized contracts that players can choose to interact with. You can never win value from BNBPot Profit Sharing

BNBpot team

BNBPot’s owner is a businessman and experienced person in the gambling industry (a $200Billion market in the USA alone), with this said, he has created one of the first fully decentralized crypto casinos.

According to him, BNBPot uses DeFi to allow users to have the following benefits:

– No counter-party risk

– No censorship

– Transparent and fair games

– Guaranteed payouts to winners

– Best RTP/Odds in the market

BNBpot Fee Generation and Distribution

While there is never a fee to take a bet or play in a game, there is a fee charged to the winner of the bet or game. This fee will vary depending on the game type and the player offering the game, should it be hosted by a player and not BNBPot. The fees will range from 15% up to a maximum of 3%. These fees are automatically distributed to holders of BNBP tokens.

BNBpot Tokenomics Analysis

BNBpot Profit sharing:

All decentralized games on take a small percentage fee from the winner. These fees are used to buy BNBP from the market and distribute to our BNBP token holders. BNBpot  Fees are distributed as following:

  • 75% to monthly airdrop
  • 20% to daily buy and burn
  • 5% to weekly lottery

Note: Only staked BNBP will be eligible for airdrop and lottery rewards. Stake your BNBP.

BNBpot Pricing

BNBP will always have a min. value of $30 inside the contracts of BNBPot. if the market price of BNBP rises above $30 the price will follow up. If BNBP is above $30 on the market, the contracts will add a 10% premium to the price. If the market price of BNBP falls below $30, you can effectively buy it on the market, and play with increased value.

BNBpot Fees and holders benefit

Holding BNBP in your wallet reduces the fees you pay as a winner of a game. Fees can vary from 3% to 1.5% depending on how many BNBP you have in your wallet at the time of winning.

Token distribution:

1,000,000 Total token supply, 80% distributed to early sacrificers. 10% reserved for participation phase. 10% reserved for team wallets.

BNBpot review-Is BNBpot a good investment 

Yes, BNBpot is a good investment, is a new development solving its own unique problems and is sure going to attract alot of casino big boys and by doing so, the price of this project is likely to skyrocket. 

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