Top Government-Recognized Crypto Influencers in Africa.

Crypto Influencers in Africa.


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Today, we are going to be discussing some note-worthy crypto influencers in Africa. 

Top Crypto Influencers In Africa

  • John Wainaina Karanja
  • Itireleng Alakanani
  • Michael Kimani
  • Olayinka Odeniran
  • Paul Ezeafulukwe
  • Chimezie Chuta
  • Sonya Kuhnel
  • Vinny Lingham
  • Monica Singer
  • Faith Obafemi

1. John Wainaina Karanja

John Wainaina Karanja is the CEO of BitHub Africa, In 2011, John won the Pivot 25 Mobile Technology competition as a director of Space KeJohn has an MSc in Political Sociology from the University of Oxford and a BBIT Bachelors Degree from Strathmore University. Throughout his career, John has witnessed Africa leapfrog legacy systems in banking through the adoption of mobile money platforms like M-Pesa. John believes the same thing will happen in the energy sector.


John in recent articles has stated that Blockchain technology like Bitcoin is not a panacea to African problems but a technology that drives down costs with respect to the transfer of value across all our Borders. It is opt-in and as such allows for open and permissionless innovation. As smartphone technology becomes more affordable we should expect the opportunity for Blockchain-based solutions to disrupt incumbents to grow across Africa.nya Networks Limited.

2. Itireleng Alakanani

Popularly known as “The Bitcoin Lady,” Alakanani is a great educator in the African cryptocurrency market. Inspired by an ugly life event, she discovered Bitcoin as a way to receive donations from abroad.

Because of this, Alakanani’s journey began and she became one of the country’s first advocates of bitcoin.

As a qualified instructor, she has adapted her teaching skills from traditional subjects to cryptocurrency.

She also owns Gaborone-based Satoshicentre a blockchain hub where she collaborates with engineers to spread the word about bitcoin and blockchain technology, as well as help Africans deal with the challenges they face daily.

3. Michael Kimani

Michael is an African entrepreneur. Besides being Africa’s top crypto and blockchain operator, Michael is also an accomplished writer with over 5 million followers on social media.

While working on projects such as sizing markets and troubleshooting, Irwin has collaborated with African governments, Fintech, and cryptocurrency companies. He has also worked with four innovation labs and three venture capital firms.

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  1. Olayinka Odeniran

One of Africa’s top blockchain influencers, Olayinka is a highly regarded financial services risk management expert and well-known attorney around the world who specializes in blockchain, crypto, and new technologies.

Throughout her 15-year career, she has helped a variety of financial institutions comply with various national and international regulations.

For financial institutions and the blockchain ecosystem, Olayinka has a master’s degree in cybersecurity management and policy.

5. Paul Ezeafulukwe

In today’s Nigerian crypto debate, Paul Ezeafulukwe is at the fore. Saban’s current CEO is Paul (Stakeholders in the Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria).

It’s his goal to expose any Bitcoin scams perpetrated against investors in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies can find reviews, articles, and other useful content from him on a variety of platforms.

6. Chimezie Chuta

Chimezie Chuta is the founder and coordinator for the Blockchain Nigeria User Group and a member of the Kinesis Money Cayman advisory board.

At Blockspace Africa Technologies, he is the Africa Lead for Technology and Innovation and the Chief Executive Officer of Techbuild Innovation Partners as well as Lagos Drupal Varsity, he is the Chairman of the Organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU).

7. Sonya Kuhnel

Sonya Kuhnel has made a significant contribution to the country’s crypto tech industry in South Africa. The Blockchain Africa Conference was co-founded by her.

As of late 2013, Sonya Kuhnel was one of the first women in South Africa to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

She founded a Bitcoin payment which is an affiliate partner of BitPay, that enables South African online retailers to accept bitcoin.

8. Vinny Lingham

A well-known businessman in South Africa, Vinny Lingham is also a Shark on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. He is an active investor in Bitcoin and Blockchain start-ups. He’s known as “the Bitcoin Oracle.”

With Vinny’s move to California ten years ago, he is now the co-founder and CEO of Civic Technologies, Inc.

Co-founder of mobile gift card business Gyft, which was funded by Google Ventures and launched in 2012, joined Civic in 2016

9: Chris Ani

Chris Ani is an entrepreneur, author, startup advisor, bitcoin, and blockchain advocate. He is the founder and CEO of the daba whose website is widely known as www. A fast-growing online educative platform that offers in-demand high-income digital skills. Also the founder & CEO  of Digital Abundance Holdings Ltd and runs the biggest crypto hedge fund in Africa. Chris has the largest following and committed community of high-profile crypto traders in Nigeria and beyond 

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