How To Invest In DeFi – Step By Step Guide

How to invest i defi, a step by step guide


Do you have money sitting in your account lazily doing nothing and you sought for ways to put it to work to generate more money???

Do you seek to open up another forum for investment and you have thought of DeFi ?


Have you ever pictured investment?

Imagine you are able to invest without having to reach a minimum investment rate or do all the perilous paperwork involved in investing??

Well, if any one of this is true about you, DeFi has got you covered on this, please read on till the end and don’t be distracted.

Now What Is DeFi

Simply put, decentralized finance.

Defi stands for decentralized finance. It is essentially the crypto currency space attempt to recreate, rebuild and improve upon the traditional financial system(the traditional brokerage system). This attempt to recreate and improve upon the traditional brokerage system is to make it more accessible to all, more transperant, much more affordable and also faster to carry on financial transactions like investment on the decentralized finance (DeFi). we have already sorted out ways to create money for the internet, so we’ve got money sorted for the internet, but of course finance is not just limited to money. the city of new York, the city of London, they don’t just deal in money, they offer financial services and so if we want to replace the financial system in the crypto currency world on the internet layer, then we need to recreate some of those services as well, we need things like lending, borrowing services, derivatives, exchanged etc. DeFi has attempt to do that in a way that embodies the bar use of openers, permissionnass and decentralization. which is what crypto currency stands for essentially. DeFi means the internet’s attempt to replicate or recreate the traditional financial system and financial services.

Different ways to potentially make money from DeFi

The first way is directly within DeFi itself. there are many many ways to do this, many different applications you can interact with and protocols that all do different things. for example there are protocols (protocols can also referred to as “smart contract” they are a form of agreement that contains all the informations of a transaction which are based on code) such as the liquidity protocol which is the Aave and Compound.


Aave($3,576,126,348.39)- Aave is an open source and a non custodian liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposit and borrowing assets and compound where you can generate interest or an income (the compound protocol currently has $60,999,384 of COMP earning 2.85% interest.) you can get paid to lent out your crypto for the people. In the exact same way, like the traditional financial system,you can do that again in an open permissioner through direct DeFi itself. you can make money as a liquidity provider.


Liquidity provider earns a 0.3% fee on all traders proportional to their share of the pool. fees are added to the pool, accrue in real time can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity seek for fans on the decentralized exchange like uniswap and you get paid by providing liquidity to users on that platform. you might have heard of the term called yui farming. you could also become yield farming itself by earning the government tokens that are rewarded by this protocols for borrowing and lending crypto currencies and tracing the greatest yield. these are all some of the ways we can make money directly within DeFi itself.

There are some other incredible ways to make money out there but it comes with enormous risk, so one needs to be very careful out there. it might even seem to be the most risky way to make money in DeFi itself because there are some enormous risk to take in a consideration that you could loose the entirety of your money in dealing with any one of these protocols. there are two big ones. the first of which is small contract books or exploits. a lot of the money within the DeFi ecosystem is either transmitted through or stored in small contract and these are very difficult to develop in a secured manner, mistakes can happen and if it’s a critical book and the code is being exploited, either intentionally or just completely accidentally, then that can lead to the entirety of all that money being stored in the small contract to be lost forever essentially

The other one is paractors. these are permission Assistants we have in decentralized exchange like uniswap. Absolutely anyone no matter how bad their intentions are, are just free to add their token they can generally hop unto files on social media, hop unto people’s liquidity pools because there know that there is a backdoor within the code for the people who created this token to just siphon off and steal all of the Ethereum of the fund therein and then they run off, you will never hear from them again. and now people have lost the legitimate token and now have a completely worthless token. this is one of the big risk you need to look out for as well. I know everyone is free to use their money as there are but we need to be extremely careful the kind of risk we take on for it determines our success.

Investing or speculating on the DeFi tokens.

Many DeFi out there have their own token that you are free to buy and sell. you can buy a token and sell it in an ideally higher price than you bought. if you really want to speculate and trade on these tokens then I guess quality won’t matter to you that much but price action. you can make a whole lot of money sometimes and you could lose a whole lot of money too. there are some other player projects out there, one of such is the islecraze. Where you have some good project out there. even fewer truly great projects and the for the most part a whole bunch of absolute garbage where you could lose as big as 100% to 90% of your money over the long term of investing in it.


It will be upon you to determine the quality of these project and of course, you are greatly likely to have success when you choose those projects that have the best fundamentals, the most adoption and all other good benefits. it’s on you as a long term investor in DeFi. if you want to invest or speculating on tokens in DeFi, there are a lot of ways to do so. a lot of possible coins you can invest in. you can get these coins in the decentralized exchange. Uniswap is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. you can also get some of these coins on binance. you can also get these coins in coinbase as well.


how to invest in defi on coinbase

Coinbase offers things like yen finance, Aave, compound and much more. readmore

DeFi has a very big potential of restructuring the present financial system and industry.

How To Invest In DeFi

Three Easy Steps To Invest In DeFi

Step 1

Download a metamask wallet. It is a browser extension. it works best with Chrome. Thou other browsers could be used but it might be difficult to set up. Chrome is actually the best for Metamask. Metamask is a crypto wallet and gateway to blockchain apps.

Step 2

Once you have the Metamask extension in your browser, go and load it with “Basic Attention Token”. Once you have loaded your metamask wallet with your basic attention token. we head on to a website called once you get to this website, you click the button that says “app”. now what we are basically going to do is, supplying basic attention token and earning a return on the coins that we supplied.

The reason we choose basic attention token is because it is offering 25% per earnings on the coins that we supply. We have buy this token to supply. You can then scroll through and click on it (basic attention token). it will prompt you to enable it. after enabling it, then you supply the basic attention token.


Metamask will prompt you to supply, which you will have to do. It’s a very simple process to supply coins. Now once you have supplied your basic attention token, it only takes 15seconds to start earning interest. This is because 15seconds is the time it takes for an Ethereum blockchain to be mined.


Great! We are earning 25% return now without setting up anything guys. you simply click on the vault button and you will see that you are also earning COMP tokens. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to set up anything, you will just see the tokens are being generated and you are earning them once again every 15seconds. When you have a reasonable amount of COMP tokens, you can click the collect buttons and those tokens will automatically go into your Metamask. This is actually really tremendous. Now we’re earning 25% of the basic attention token that you supplied. but that is not the bulk of it as we are also earning the comp tokens without any set ups and no much efforts.

Step 3.

In this step, basically everything is already done, we just want to work out how much we are going to earn from doing this. so we get to a website called prediction.Exchange. once we get there. we click on the compound button. now we have supplied basic attention tokens and now let’s just go and actually do some calculations. if I had bought R10,000( ten thousand rands which is equal to $615.82) of basic attention token, it will give me 2,083 of these coins. you copy that and go back to prediction and paste it in the basic attention token bar. to see the absolute amazing return that we are going to make. you type in how much batch that you have supplied and then you click the button that says calculate my COMP distribution. And see the magic. For an investment of R10,000, that is $615.82, you are going to get an annual return of $371.56 of that investment. Did I hear a “Wow” from you???. Smiles, the returns are very high. But hey!, I know this is amazing but kindly note that there are risk and precautions involved and things that we can expect and watch out for. Like I already stated before

Note that not all of these platforms are legit. There is or are Ponzi schemes out there. We need to be guided. we can just wake up one morning and the guys that that have created the compound scheme, the site is going to be down and it’s gonna be gone. Though in respect to this very risk, it’s probability might be low. Because this is a decentralized project, It is a community project. The smart contract that runs the backend of the compound. Finance website have been edited by software editing companies and there have all opened to the public and we’ve got many people in the crypto space that have looked at it, and have gone through it. It is safe to say that it is very very unlikely to say that this can’t be a Ponzi scheme or this website can suddenly be shut down. If you are comfortable with the risk around this, you can give it a shot. but if I am to rate this, it is not a Ponzi scheme.

Now that you have know what defi is, you may consider investing in some defi projects for the future

Best DeFi crypto to invest in 2022

One of the newer sectors of the blockchain industry, Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-based system designed to remove other third parties, such as banks or financial institution from financial transactions.

This guide aims to give users a comprehensive review of the most effective DeFi coins that are available on the market. We will discuss the forthcoming DeFi coins and will also suggest the top places to buy DeFi cryptocurrency in 2022.

The Top 5 DeFi Coins to Invest in 2022

DeFi has a market capitalization of $60 billion. It also has over a thousand coins trading in the market. To enable you to navigate this huge market effortlessly, we’ve identified the top five DeFi coins that you can buy in 2022.

  • DeFi Coin – Overall best DeFi coin to buy
  • Lucky Block – New gaming crypto coin to watch
  • Mana – DeFi project to invest in the metaverse
  • Uniswap – Top DeFi project & liquidity provider
  • Yearn Finance – Earn interest & take out loans using DeFi

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