Top Nft utility ideas-8 ways to spot nft’s with utility

Nft utility ideas-How to spot nft's with utility
Nft utility ideas-How to spot nft's with utility


Nft utility Ideas-How to spot nft’s with utility:  Nfts with utility are most sought-after in our world today. Knowing how to spot an nft with utility and coming up with nft utility ideas on your own is not something you can easily do.


This is so because people who buy nfts look out for NFTs with utility. Knowing the value of an nft helps to give you an idea on how to spot NFTs with utility.




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How to spot nft utility ideas – What is NFT utility

nft utility ideas


What is nft utility: NFT utility refers to the value and worth attached to an NFT. Utility nfts are also nfts that are valued based on the opportunities, access and perks they provide to nft holders or owners. 


Utility NFT is still a newbie in the cryptocurrency world and it provides the basis of valuation for an NFt with boundless opportunities for the creators of nfts with vision.

Just like the world is advancing from web1, web2 and now to the present web3 age, so is the NFt world.

Utility nft is the advanced stage of nft. Utility nft is based on the demand by users and offers a wider degree of real life Nft applications. Utility nfts can also be referred to as nft 2.0, the future of Nft. 


Besides the provision of ownership right to asset nfts can be used as fruitful assets to obtain cryptocurrencies and in-game assets that could be used or swapped to obtain other assets or items and can also be converted or traded for money.

How to spot nft utility ideas – how to get nft utility ideas

When trying to come up with an NFT utility idea, knowing the value of your NFT art project goes a long way to help you. The days are past when people buy nfts just because of how they look or for fun.. 


Nowadays people buy nfts with great expectations. They lookout for the values, opportunities, perks and access they could get with these nfts.


Nft utility ideas give you an advantage and a good knowledge of what nft users expect to get from purchasing an nft. 


The sense of belonging, the reward and benefits that comes with nft utility is what buyers actually sought after. The feeling of belonging to a community others do not belong to.


Here are some utility ideas and ways to add utility to an nft that could help you better your nft project.

How to spot nft utility ideas How to add utility to an nft

These are various ways to add or create an NFT Utility. You ’ll need to determine what unique digital asset you want to turn into an NFT. 


Digital assets you can add utility to form an nft utility.

There are a plethora of items or assets which could be converted to an nft and and nft utility at that.


It can be a picture, An artistic painting, music, collectibles of video games, memes, GIF,  artworks or even a tweet.

An NFT as we already know is a unique digital item with a sole owner. That oddity or uniqueness gives an NFT value or its Utility. 


Make sure that you enjoy the intellectual property rights to the item you want to turn into an NFT. 


Creating or adding an NFT Utility for a digital asset you don’t own could get you into legal trouble. 


How to spot nft utility ideas – Associate your NFT to an Asset

 Identify a real- world need and find a system to incorporate it into the NFT terrain in other to create an  nft real-world utility. When investors purchase and hold shares from the stock market, they tend to get a sum of money paid regularly to them. These dividends or benefits are predicated on the amount of shares they bring in. 


You can as well allow a percentage of dividend to be paid to the NFT holders even after a long period of time. This helps to give your nft utility and value

You can as well try out real and practical ways you can put in your NFTs to add utility or value to your NFT and benefit your holders. 

List your NFTs to specific material and granting transmittable power rights are wonderful nft utility ideas. 


However, whoever the new owner is, he or she should have access to it even after selling it out. Assuming your NFTs give  access to a course online, you can make it in a way that even if the nft holder sells it out, he should be able to have access to the course whenever he wishes to. 

This is a very awesome way of adding utility to an nft. It distinguishes your nft from the rest. These are the benefits buyers look out for when trying to spot an nft with utility.

Taking this into consideration is a wonderful nft utility idea to leverage 


  As an artist, you may decide to give a particular painting that can be claimed when someone purchases your NFT. You could either give them a physical painting or a digital painting whenever they purchase your NFT.


Pick a particular Blockchain technology to use

blockchain technology you ’ll use for your NFT

When you have decided on the particular digital asset or collectible you want to give utility, you can then begin the whole minting process to turn it into an NFT. 


The first procedure or process is to decide the blockchain technology you ’ll use for your NFT. We have a number of these technologies. Ethereum being the most popular of them all used by NFT artists and creators. 


These are a number of ways to add or create nft utility.

How to spot nft utility ideas Nft utility value


The utility value of an nft is based on how the owner  is creating value got the owner or holder. 


The number one and primary utility value of an Nft is access. There are a number of nfts that give you unique and unchangeable access to some assets.

Social status

Another value is social status NFTs give. This is a sense of belonging that comes from owning one. The league or community of people that is quite different from others.


Functional utility value

Another aspect of utility value is the functional utility value which has to do with the gaming aspect. Play to Earn gaming activities. This has to do with the in-game utility value that is gotten from NFTs. 


A clear example could be the use of a particular sword in a game. If that sword used by the players kills many or cuts through many things and has won many battles, there is a high chance that the value attached to that sword would increase and so it’s worth. 


The main or core reason anything should be used as an nft as we all know is to show ownership, the history of the nft, whether it has been transferred once or hundred times and where it came from as is claimed.


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How to spot nft utility ideasUtility nft projects


The number of 10 ft utility projects that you can invest in. Here are five top utility nft projects that you can look out for in investing.


Utility Nft Projects #1: VIP/Experience-granting /Ticket


This refers to nfts that are not a piece of artwork or any other type of digital asset or token but will come with some kind of special pack which will give you the right as the owner or holder of an nft to access a special kind of event.


 An example of this kind of NFTs is the Coachella collectibles nfts. The coachella collectible nfts gives the owners a lifetime access to Coachella Music Festival.  


There are quite a number of these Coachella nfts that are very very expensive. The Coachella nft comes with different kinds of utility that can be physically redeemed. Similar types of nfts like this are likely going to  come out in the future. 

Utility Nft Projects Nft #2: Nfts That Grant A Physical Copy


These are NFTs that give you a physical and virtual copy of it. If you buy this nfts you get the physical product, that is the exact same one featured on the nfts. 

This has a lot of implications for the Metaverse. Imagine buying any physical product that will be attached to an NFT of the same product that you can also use in the Metaverse. With practical, physical and real life access to the digital token you bought.


 Especially if this Metaverse world that we look forward to should become so robust and so realistic that there is so much that you can do with it.  


Barbie  also came up with another set of exclusive NFTs for those who win the auctions to also receive a physical Barbie. Just as the NFTs and Meteverse are becoming a big name and concept in the digital world today. 


Utility Nft Projects #3: Revenue share / collaboration nft


This has to do with the collaboration from more than one nft owners which will be submerged and sold. After which profits are shared between all the collaborators and many people are buying into it. This is quite easy as everyone’s NFTs are easy to identify through the Blockchain and smart contract technology.


Utility Nft Projects #4 : Gaming NFTs


GameStop one of the gaming platforms is actually partnering with nft developers to create their own utility nft marketplace of their own. As well as partnering with game producers to use their ecosystem essentially to build nft based games as a means to transact NFTs for their respective games. Game developers are actually trying to create their games around these NFTs. 


Utility Nft Projects #5: Donations/Awareness related NFTs


A very good example of these is the wildearth wildlife conservation NFTs. The way this work is by buying a nfp of a giving animal. You can track the specific animal that you bought the nft for in terms of how well the animal is actually doing within. The conservation. 


This is made easy especially since these animals are also on a polygon network and are supported by Metamask. So you can buy and trade these NFTs in the most popular nft market which is OpenSea.


How to spot nft utility ideas – Top best NFTs 2022

Top nfts with high utility
Here are a list of the best and top nft utility projects you can buy today

Here are a list of the best nft utility projects you can buy today


  • Degen Toonz


Degen Toonz is an emerging project and the most talked about nft project which is attributed to children Looney Tunes with a gangster like spin-off. It comes with a unique collection of 8888. You can find some of these collections for sale in the Open Sea market.


  • Women Rise 

This is one out of the many NFTs that represents a cause. The Women Rise utility nft is composed of over 10,000 characters of beautiful women from different cultures. 


This utility nft of Women Rise aspires to stand for the rights and power of Women all over the world. The Women Rise NFTs has sold over 100% of its NFTs. A percentage of this nft still sells in marketplace such as OpenSea and Rarible


  • Doodles

Doodles is designed by Burnt toast. It is a series of different 10,000 NFTs that is created with the use of over hundreds of hand drawn traits. 

This project became well known after the launching of the Space Doodles.


Purchasing doodles who give you the right to vote on issues relating to the project future and also give you a say on how the Treasury is to be spent.


Doodles can be purchased at the biggest marketplaces like OpenSea.  You can also get it on Nifty Gateway as well as LooksRare. Its floor price is around 15.4 ETH.

  • Metaverse Real Estate

The Metaverse real estate refers to virtual real estate such as the decentraland and sandbox which are still undervalued and requires the responsibility of the owner to develop this real estate and give it to the beauty and shape he or she chooses.


Just like we have in the real world situation with real estate the prices of real estate in the Metaverse real estate differs.


Here are a list of other top utility nfts you can consider

Listed below are a list of nft projects with utility

  •  Flyfish club

  • Zed run

  • DeGods

  • Cereal club nft

  • Crypto Baristas

  • Azuki

  • Indivisible Friends

  • Lazy Lions

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