Top Upcoming Nft Projects Drops That will X10 Your Portfolio

Top Upcoming Nft Projects That will X10 Your Portfolio
Top Upcoming Nft Projects That will X10 Your Portfolio


There are millions of NFT’s available for purchase, and thousands more are being launched every day. How can you sort through the noise and find the best NFT projects that you should follow, or invest in?

NFT’s are not an investment. This is because it depends on how much you have to spend. OpenSea currently has 4 million assets, with millions more available on other marketplaces such as SuperRare, Rare, Foundation, SuperRare and NBA Top Shot. It is likely that not all of these assets will appreciate, given the NFT universe’s size and expansion.


You might be asking, “What should I look for in a project?” NFT’s with utility (described below) are a great way to get started on NFT’s and explore their future potential uses.

Utility NFT

An NFT is a digital asset that has a specific use beyond the ownership of a piece. An NFT that is utility can include a piece of physical art in exchange for a NFT. This could be a special access pass to an event, memberships in person, or future use in digital space (think gaming).

Imagine that you find a project that has a mission you can relate to and also has some utility. You get more from the NFT purchase than just digital ownership of an asset (art or photo, audio, etc.)

In this article, we will be listing some popular upcoming nft projects that will be holding their biggest nft drops this 2022. So if you are looking for good nft projects to get into then you should consider jumping on this most anticipated nft drops

Top upcoming nft projects drops 2022

CavernCores Gen 0 Mint Upcoming Nft Drop

Top upcoming nft drops to look out for in 20222
CavernCores NFT


Purchase rigs, not artwork.

CavernCores NFT is here to provide Proof of Work mining for DeFi. Each NFT can be attached to a real-life GPU mining rig. Start mining without a single wire shelf or box fan, or integrate mining rigs into an DAO.

To prove ownership, sign a gassless note with your NFT and mine any GPU PoW chains to any address. Your rig can be shipped directly to you. You can even have your rig shipped to you! Plus, it’s as simple as listing the rig on your favorite NFT marketplace. No tape required and no returns. Hosted rigs will work with 90% uptime, or we’ll make up the difference.

NFT holders receive dedicated support and chat channels in discord.  Click here to join their discord group 


Baza Nft Upcoming Nft Drop

Upcoming baza nft drop

Bad ass zombie apes consists of 8.888 hand-crafted and program-generated NFTs. Each baza is unique and each one has its own rarity. We will donate a portion of the profits to charities and more than 40% to the community. join their discord group


YachtlandWL Upcoming Nft Drop

Upcoming yachtland nft drop

To participate into the yachtland whitelist competition, follow the instructions on https://yachtland.Xyz/access-list

Anyone who joined our discord could take part in the tasks necessary to join the whitelist, which will allow you to get $yl at a mint price. There will be 1333 spots on the whitelist and 3 nfts per wallet, until they go public.

Our whitelist is unique. Members who have been assigned whitelist spots will be provided with access keys to access yachtland.Xyz/mint or access mint.

We have made it clear that 20% of whitelist spots will be reserved for future collaborations, giveways and other partnerships. You can find more information on our discord channel.

SeaHorseArmy Upcoming Nft Drop

Seahorse ft drop

A glitch in 2022 brought 7777SeaHorse Warriors, the legendary SeaHorse Warriors, back to life to lead the Metaverse. These rare creatures are extremely rare, and possessing one is like being a god.


Bad SeaHorses have the premier Underwater Meta Nightclub. It will blow you away. Imagine yourself floating in the ocean, enjoying VIP dance floors and top DJ sets with your friends.


Presale 0.07 ETH
Public: 0.14ETH

Information and utility about projects:

Meta Architectures can help you achieve a 10X floor price target and strategy.

Members have access to the SeaHorseArmy Venues & Meta Lands.
Doxxed and Experienced Team.
All holders will receive regular NFT airdrops free of charge.
1 Miner will win a CyberTruck, and 10 miners will win 5k ETH.
Swag & Branded Virtual Fashion & Physical Fashion
Holders win ETH, NFTs and tickets.
There are many more.

Combining over 250 unique, hand-drawn traits creates the art.

There are many kinds of SeaHorses. Each SeaHorse is unique, but each one has its own superpower. Learn more about the SeaHorses by creating one and exploring their rich Metadata.

Join the Club Today & Mint

Hungry Hippos Upcoming NFT drop

upcoming hungry hippos

Hungry Hippos is a community-driven nft project that aims to bring hungry and motivated people together to build a community through strategic business relationships and networking. You can join the herd to gain access to a rewarding network system that will educate, teach, and elevate holders in high-value sectors. It will also create financial freedom through real estate, investing, networking, and other opportunities. Urban art meets meta verse to bring hippos to life. their discord channel



OniBits Upcoming Nft Drop

onibits nft drop

OniBits, a new exciting project that combines Metaverse Gaming with Manga and Music, offers a 360-degree multimedia experience. All perks will be available to holders of the 8,888 Polygon OniBits FFT mask! This project is promoted and partnered by Polygon Studios and costs only 0.011ETH. Join the OniVerse discord 




Sol Coin Collections Upcoming nft drop

Sol collection nft drop

Sol Collections, based on the Solana blockchain, is the first coin series available in the NFT world. It offers ten different animal species and seven colors to mint the first release. Future coin holders will enjoy a variety of benefits including NFT buyback, NFT stake and future airdrops from the Sol Collections cryptocurrency currency and our NFT lottery. After our fifth series, we will be releasing the Sol Collectors characters to the metaverse!


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