What Does the Bible Say About Cryptocurrency?

what the bible says about cryptocurrency


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Have you ever imagined the Bible with the current technological advancements? There isn’t a single statement that literally mentions cryptocurrency in the Bible. It is because crypto didn’t exist at the time. However, we can say that Jesus’s teachings may apply to Bitcoin and other cryptos. And we can say that because he frequently referenced money in the New Testament.

Bitcoin and The Mark of The Beast

There have been suggestions that Bitcoin is the mark of the beast, since its unfettered rise to popularity. But how true is this assertion? Firstly, let’s consider the mark of the beast, what is it?

According to the bible book of Revelation, 666 is the mark of the beast. It is the number or name of the wild beast from the sea that possesses seven heads and ten horns.

This beast is a symbol of the worldwide political system. A system that will rule over “every tribe and people and tongue and nation.” you can read it around Rev 13 vs 17 to 18.

Today, Bitcoin has gone global and is very involved in the World’s economy. The economy is affected by the World’s political system. Due to Bitcoin’s effect on the world, some Christians, have connected it to the mark of the beast. Is that true?

Let’s check out if it is.

Firstly, if we go by the same Bible, the mark will be on people’s skin. So, it’s like a tattoo. Bitcoin is not on anybody’s skin. It’s just on your smartphone.

As I said, the mark of the beast is a tattoo (print) on and in the skin. Unless a person has the mark, s/he cannot buy or sell. Also, you cannot buy or sell the mark of the beast. The fact that you can sell crypto just like other commodities like food, cars, houses, etc. proves that crypto is not the mark of the beast.

What the Bible Says About Cryptocurrency | The Bible and Defi

Let’s start with defining Defi. Defi is a short form for the term Decentralized Finance. Defi is a blockchain financial system that gives users direct access to financial instruments. You can check out the full details of Defi here.

The total money in Defi is estimated to be around $78 billion. And this equates to a 10x increase since May 2020. $78B also represents the current value of all locked deposits of crypto. This volume is one of the advantages you can take, and you can start by getting to know how it works from kafycrypto.

So, what does Christianity say about Defi?

Many Christian do not have anything against Defi as they see it just like any financial market. But some see it as a way through which the mark of the beast spreads. Why? Because Defi is all about cryptocurrency. Therefore, I will say that the Christian view of crypto is bilateral. Some embrace it, while others reject crypto.

What the Bible Says About Cryptocurrency | Scriptural References

Evidently, no scripture mentions Bitcoin literally. However, there are chapters on investing and money that answer our questions.

Ecc 11:1-2:
“Put money into international trade. You will eventually turn a profit, too. Invest in numerous places, even many places, since you never know what kind of bad luck this world will bring you.”

One can apply these investment verses to digital assets. You can invest in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, and Dash.

If you have ever dabbled in crypto, you will know it’s all about investment. And here at kafycrypto, we have information to guide you in such investment decisions.

Money is involved with everything in our daily lives and our families. With money, we finance medical treatment, businesses, schooling, feeding, and other good things. There are many sites online where you can use bitcoin to buy goods, accessories, cars, and other things. You can use bitcoin to buy several good things and even bad things.

Another book in the Bible deals with how you should invest in cryptocurrency. I know you will love to know it. Let me first start by quoting it.

Mark 8 vs 36.
What good does it do a Man if he gains the entire World but loses his soul?

The verse sounds like a question, but it has lots of meaning. I use this chapter a lot, which is how I think when I read it. Your soul is your mind, where you think.

So, trying to gain the whole World is like losing your mind. We can interpret this to say that men should not rely on cryptocurrencies. Before you invest, you must involve your thinking.

The Bible’s Recommendation for handling Crypto

First of all, learn about cryptocurrencies. You can check on this site.

We’ve all heard that cryptocurrencies can make one wealthy. As a result, the general public has caught on. People now gamble for it, break the law to have it, and are flocking to the land of greed to become more prosperous.

If you intend to invest in the bitcoin market, please refrain from being greedy.

The latest and most modern currency to unite the World is predicted to be bitcoin (which is true, right?). Some theologians believe that cryptocurrencies may be the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy.

Crypto may someday govern the global financial system and transactions.. This is why some refer to it as the mark of the beast.

We don’t know if the “Mark of the Beast” mentioned in the Bible is bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. However, I believe that the “Mark of the Beast” will soon surface. But before that, I believe cryptocurrencies are not the mark of the beast.

What the Bible Says About Cryptocurrency | Christian Response to Crypto

What do you think about using gambling as an investment strategy?

By purchasing Bitcoin, you are placing a gamble that you will be able to sell before the bubble bursts. You and fellow traders play a zero-sum game. Your gains negate their losses.

Many people have profited significantly from their investments in Bitcoin. But even if you lose out on profits, I think putting your money to work elsewhere is better.

What attitude should Christians have toward Bitcoin? What do you think of using gambling as an investment strategy, then? Because you put money at risk and it is used well, you get a return on tangible assets.

When you purchase a stock or a corporate bond, you’re investing in a business. The company will invest the funds in products, recruit staff, and advance society. A bank gives an individual who needs a loan to buy a property a mortgage.

Both the investor and the borrower are successful.

Christians ought to participate in investments that advance the common good. Either by matching their retirement money with their investment ideals or helping a car wash create jobs. One way or the other investing yields results and has advantages.

When given the option between investing in illegal black-market operations and legitimate assets that benefit society, Christians should make a positive decision.

Should a Christian Participate In Cryptocurrency?

Everyone is treated equally in the cryptocurrency market, which has nothing to do with anyone’s religious beliefs. Of course, if you take cryptocurrency seriously, you can join and influence your life.

Be aware that it won’t make you rich overnight; learning and generating income will take time. 

Because the cryptocurrency market is so unstable, pick your coin carefully. Choose investments that are less in liquidity.

What the Bible Says About Cryptocurrency | Bitcoin & Prophecies

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2009. He created it to ease transactions without the red tape of antiquated systems.

So far, it has lived up to its promise of enabling rapid, safe, and cheap global transactions. Bitcoin is a high-value asset class that has drawn institutional investors and global businesses.

Some adherents of Bible prophecy think Bitcoin might be the “mark of the beast” foretold in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament. According to advocates of the Bible, one of the characteristics of the tribulation years is the mark of the beast.

Others contend that Bitcoin will fulfill the prophecy by representing a global currency. that the antiChrist may use to grab control of the World’s financial system.

But not everyone concurs with the claims mentioned above. The following are some of the primary arguments against considering Bitcoin to be the Beast’s Mark or a tool of biblical prophecy.

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Currency

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Currency

According to Christian fanatics, Bitcoin will be a global currency. And that will amount to one-world governance. While it is undeniable that Bitcoin makes cross-border transactions more accessible, it also faces regulatory challenges that will have a long-term impact on its use and value.

In addition, Bitcoin is decentralized money unaffected by institutional or political influences. Therefore, no authority would be able to control how it.

Christians claim that those who reject the beast’s mark won’t be able to buy or sell. In contrast, since Bitcoin is decentralized, such control is impossible. Bitcoin will make global transactions possible, but its use will never be governed.

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology stores transactions in a series of encrypted blocks.

The blockchain will expand as Bitcoin gains worldwide acceptance, say experts. The blockchain is currently more significant than one gigabyte. The measurement could eventually exceed a terabyte.

Thus, according to academics, a global currency would be too large. Scalability concerns with Bitcoin could make it hard to use as a reserve currency.

Rapid Price Growth | What the Bible Says About Cryptocurrency

Rapid Price Growth

According to some commentators, the value of Bitcoin is unsustainable. They claim it is a bubble with no intrinsic value. Additionally, the price of Bitcoin does not correlate with the cost of other assets like gold or USD.

Due to a decreasing supply and increasing market demand, experts predict that.

Bitcoin will eventually become quite expensive. On exchanges like bitcoin superstar, traders will still be able to trade Bitcoin, albeit at a much greater cost. It would be hard to utilize as a world currency as a result.

The USD is Still the World’s Reserve Currency

The USD is Still the World's Reserve Currency

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is rising in most national economies. Recently, El Salvador proclaimed Bitcoin as legal cash. And many other nations might do the same. Bitcoin has consistently undermined the US currency and will do so in the future.

Nevertheless, the US dollar continues to be the World’s reserve currency. And this is because citizens and investors trust it. Many people all around the World prefer the US dollar to cryptocurrencies. And this is due to its track record and relative stability.

Even if Bitcoin becomes widely accepted, changing those preconceptions would take time.

An age in which a single currency controls the global economy is hinted at in many Bible prophecies. And some Christians think that the ideal money to satisfy that demand is Bitcoin.

Contrarily, Bitcoin is decentralized money that lacks a centralized government or company. Additionally, it is a high-value asset with fantastic price growth potential. This would prevent Bitcoin from serving as the envisioned one-world currency.


Even if the Bible doesn’t mention bitcoin or cryptocurrencies by name, several chapters speak about money.

As was previously said, using these digital currencies has both benefits and drawbacks.

We each have unique viewpoints, objectives, and perceptions. Exercise caution and foresee the results. Investing in cryptocurrencies is good.

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