Why Do Crypto Traders Live in Dubai?

Why Do Crypto Traders Live in Dubai?


Welcome to Kafycrypto, your number-one crypto news, and marketing agency. In this post, we will discuss why do crypto traders live in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE is a first-rate country with excellent infrastructure, a favorable tax system, warm weather, and a skilled and multicultural workforce. It is a fantastic place to live and do business. It’s modern and spotless, and everyone speaks English.


It has a favorable tax system that includes no corporation tax and no income tax. Furthermore, there are no capital controls. You are free to send and receive as much as you want.

Dubai has a well-established crypto regulatory framework. Cryptocurrencies are legal in this country. This means that Dubai is the only country for crypto investors with legal certainty, no income taxes, and no reporting requirements.

Why Do Crypto Traders Live in Dubai?

Why Is Dubai Good for Crypto?

“Dubai, and the UAE overall, is a world-class example of dealing with a pandemic. “You now see talent from all over the world wanting to relocate to Dubai,” said Ola Doudin, co-founder of BitOasis, a cryptocurrency platform.

According to Wamda, a regional investment and venture capital firm, start-ups in the Middle East and North Africa will receive $654 million in investment in 2020. The following year, that figure nearly quadrupled to nearly $2.9 billion, with roughly half of it flowing into the UAE.

“We definitely see Dubai leading that race, competing with other financial hubs and really positioning itself as a global crypto hub,” says one analyst.

However, that crypto bet comes at a time when investor apprehension toward the digital currency market is growing, as a result of high-profile hacks, collapsed “stablecoins,” and steep drops in crypto prices.

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Does Dubai Have Tax on Crypto?

FEMA prohibits the transfer of cryptocurrencies in order to purchase a property in Dubai. Previously, the Centre announced a 30% tax on income from crypto assets started on April 1, 2022.

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing another bull market. Many investors have profited handsomely from Crypto. If you are one of them, you may be looking to cash out some of your investments in order to rebalance your portfolio. For cryptocurrency investors, Dubai provides excellent tax benefits.

Personal income tax in Dubai is currently 0%. This means that if you are a tax resident in Dubai, you will pay no income tax regardless of how much you earn.

Whether you actively trade or hold, capital gains, business income, and salary are all tax-free. In the end, nothing. Your Gross salary figure corresponds to your Net salary figure.

Most other tax authorities tax cryptocurrency gains as capital gains. It appears to be a simple way to collect funds and replenish the coffers. Furthermore, they frequently necessitate extensive record-keeping and the tracking of all your transactions. Not in Dubai.

Why Do Crypto Traders Live in Dubai?

Is Uae a Crypto-Friendly Country?

The UAE is the most crypto-friendly country. The DFSA has stated that it is willing to collaborate with cryptocurrency businesses based in the DIFC. Aside from that, those working in the industry can benefit from the numerous cryptocurrency conferences held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The cryptocurrency market has exploded in recent years. This naturally results in the investor paying more taxes. However, the UAE allows you to avoid paying taxes in Western countries. If you relocate to Dubai, you will receive a complete tax exemption. The exemption applies to all types of cryptocurrency operations, including sales, high-frequency or algorithm trading, mining or the sale of NFTs, and so on.

Most countries require you to report profits using FIFO (First in First Out) or LIFO (Last in First Out) accounting or in accordance with IFRS-IRS accounting standards. However, if you are trading cryptocurrencies on a personal level in the UAE, you do not need to be concerned about complicated and costly calculations. However, if you are cashing out, the coins’ traceability and legal origin must be proven.

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Why Are Crypto Millionaires Moving to Dubai?

The widespread use of blockchain technology is one of the most significant factors attracting the attention of crypto millionaires. In recent years, the UAE has established itself as a critical global jurisdiction by embracing blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.

The Dubai Blockchain Strategy, which is part of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s revolutionary vision, will help the city realize its potential as a global financial center and the happiest city on the planet.

The Dubai Blockchain Strategy is the result of a collaborative effort between the Digital Dubai Office and the Dubai Future Foundation to pursue and assess cutting-edge technological innovations that demonstrate the possibility of implementing more seamless, safe, effective, and compelling city experiences.

Furthermore, as regional economic competition increases, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) will become a cryptocurrency enclave and a regulator for cryptocurrencies and other virtual commodities, according to the Dubai Media Office.

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