15 Crypto Marketing Strategy That Actually Works


Are you looking for the best marketing strategy for your crypto project? There are a million ways to promote a new blockchain protocol or NFT collection, but only a few guarantee success. In this article, we’ve collected a list of 15 crypto marketing strategies ideal for crypto-related products. From YouTube producers to Twitter influencers, our advice can help you express your brand message and create trusting relationships with users.

The blockchain market will reach $20 billion in yearly sales by 2024. (source). This means that more companies will enter the crypto market, and fierce competition.


The anticipated global crypto ownership rate in 2021 was 3.9%, with over 300 million crypto users globally. (source)

There are still billions of people out of a total world population of 7 billion who require a business to reach out to and incorporate them in the crypto ecosystem through their enterprise.


What Exactly is Crypto Marketing?

Crypto marketing refers to promoting and selling crypto-related products or services (such as an exchange, a wallet, a lending bank, a community, and so on). Crypto marketing encompasses any effort linked to generating brand exposure, acquiring customers, increasing return customers, and growing sales.

In a few ways, crypto marketing differs from traditional marketing:

  1. The technology and words used to explain the cryptocurrency market are new and complex.
  2. The market is supported and occasionally managed by the community.
  3. The cryptocurrency industry and its adoption are still in their early stages.

Because of these unique elements, traditional marketers must reconsider how they advertise crypto firms and capitalize on the fact that it is all digital. Users turn to online forums for any help.

The Crypto Marketing Strategies That Works

If you’re in the cryptocurrency industry, you’re already aware that you’re up against thousands of other projects. You must have a powerful digital marketing plan to differentiate yourself from your competitors. We’d like to introduce you to 15 crypto marketing strategies that truly work to aid you with your campaign.


1. Twitter

Creating good sentiment on Twitter about a cryptocurrency product has been demonstrated in studies to enhance currency prices. Using Twitter strategically will help your audience learn about and participate in your cryptocurrency project.

Create a Twitter account for your project and keep your feed updated with current project news. To make your audience feel connected, keep them updated on your product and service progress. You can also encourage your followers to visit other channels by including project-related links in your tweets.

When you look closely at the crypto business, you’ll see that a slew of other Bitcoin alternatives emerged over the years, and they were progressively making their impression on Twitter. If you are unfamiliar with this, you should seek the assistance of a professional social media marketing firm to get you started.


2. Telegram Community

When you build a crypto project, you must also create a communication channel via which you can communicate with your market and foster a positive relationship. The simplest method to accomplish this is to create an official Telegram channel.


Simply create official Telegram channels to post project-related news, host various events, and respond to questions from members.


You are not required to stick to a single channel. You can easily manage your members by creating two or three channels. For example, channel 1 may be reserved for announcements, channel 2 for debates, and channel 3 for questions and answers.


3. Web Design

This may be the most critical step before launching your crypto project. You must create a website because it will be the first channel potential investors will notice.


Find and set up a relevant web design, and develop an online platform that reflects the identity of your project. Don’t forget to include everything investors need to know, such as a roadmap, whitepaper, team member descriptions, etc.

Your website provides an opportunity to persuade individuals to invest in your project by demonstrating the benefits of the project and its possible future.

Do not expect someone to discover your initiative and invest in it out of the blue. You must be compelling and credible, which can be accomplished by displaying adequate resources.


4. Airdrop

One of the most frequent marketing events you can employ to raise awareness about your project is an airdrop. All you need to do is reward folks who complete your designed mission.

For example, pay out a set quantity of your project coin to those who join your official Telegram channel or share information about your project on social media.

Airdrop events encourage people to spread the news about your project, gaining more attention, investors, and channel members.

5. Medium

The medium can be an excellent platform for explaining your idea, disseminating news, and publishing anything you want to communicate to your audience. You can include a full explanation of how to buy your coin, which exchanges have it listed on, developments in your project, news updates, coin history, and so on.

The main difference between Medium and Twitter is that you write an article like a full-fledged blog on Medium, but Twitter only permits 280 characters per tweet. So, you may leverage both Twitter and Medium for promotion by including a link to your Medium piece in your tweets. You can drive traffic to your Medium account while offering your readers a tweet synopsis of the post.


6. Kakao Talk

Crypto is a worldwide currency that should not be overlooked. When promoting your project in Korea, you should consider KakaoTalk.

KakaoTalk is the most popular communication program in South Korea. When you look at the South Korean market, you will discover that they invest heavily in cryptocurrencies. This market is particularly lucrative for this sector. As a result, you must use KakaoTalk to promote your cryptocurrency in the local market.

One thing to remember when managing a KakaoTalk chat room is that you must focus on only one chat room, unlike Telegram. It’s because the KakaoTalk UI annoys users when there are a lot of chat rooms. As a result, all your project announcements, events, and conversations must take place in a single official chat room.

7. Paid Promotion

If you are inexperienced with manual web marketing strategies, you can employ a paid marketing services platform.


Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other online platforms offer these services.


These services entail showing adverts, videos, banners, and other advertisements about your project on well-known sites with a large user base. The goal is to generate traffic from such adverts and send it to your website or other project-related links.

When everything is in place, the paid promotion will begin instantly. However, to target the right demographic, you may require the assistance of online marketing business.


8. Ask Me Anything (AMA)

People will naturally become more interested in your project’s intricacies as it grows in popularity. Ask Me Anything (AMA) is when you can respond to queries posted in your communication channels.

Gather all of your investors’ frequently asked questions and prepare to address them. Choose one interviewer to ask those questions and prepare well-written responses for them. You’ll be able to deliver clear, concise, and intelligible replies when the interviewer asks you questions.

This is a wonderful method for removing FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) from your project and demonstrating that you care about your investors.


9. Display Campaigns

A display campaign is a paid advertisement in which you can promote your cryptocurrency project on popular websites with many investment-related users.

These advertisements may take the shape of photos, video, music, flash, and text with visual effects that can entice potential investors.

Many blockchain firms utilize this method to sell their new project to prospective users on relevant websites.


10. Reddit

Reddit is a social content-sharing community website where members routinely submit fresh content such as text, images, and links. You can register on the website and begin posting news and updates about your project on subreddits or online communities

For example, you may join the r/cryptocurrency subreddit, which has over 500k users and elaborate on your project. This is an excellent location for marketing your project.


However, you cannot immediately advertise your project since people may suspect you joined the community solely to promote. To win users’ trust, you should try to participate in ongoing debates beforehand. Once you’ve gained trust, consider creating your own subreddit with the name of your product and promoting it there.


Make sure not to over-promote or share too many links at once since this may reduce the value of your post to people on Reddit.


11. Direct Messaging

This is yet another effective method of spreading the news about your initiative.


Sending out marketing emails increases the likelihood of them being ignored or going to spam. The most effective technique is to acquire targeted mobile phone numbers of potential users and send marketing SMS to them directly.


Mobile communications are more likely to be read, and they have been shown to elicit positive responses from interested people. You can simply engage an SMS marketing business or purchase software for this task.


12. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing as well. The outcomes vary depending on the quality of the email content.

Email marketing entails sending targeted emails to people interested in investing in your new product launch, offers, benefits, etc.


Although email marketing is an excellent method for introducing your project, it may be ineffective if you do not run it effectively.

You must build an email list that is only made up of people who are either interested in your product or have accepted to receive emails from you regularly. Then you can hire a firm specializing in email marketing to do the work for you.

13. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising approach that involves promoting the products or services of another firm on your website, email, and/or social media platforms in exchange for a commission.


You force people to visit your website, community, and channels or even buy your project coin in exchange for a commission.


Begin by launching an affiliate campaign on your project channel, stating that you will pay a fee to affiliates who attract new people into the community via their own marketing strategies and efforts.


The aim is to leverage affiliate networks and strategies (which may be superior to your own) to help you create visitors and investment.


14. Press Releases (PR)

Using popular news and public relations channels to promote and advertise your initiative demonstrates validity.


There are several online press release media outlets that cover bitcoin themes. They have a large readership interested in learning about new cryptocurrencies on the market.

This can assist you in establishing a network of interested users and investors and attracting them to your community.


15. Reputation Management

The primary objective for reputation management is to keep investment coming in. Establishing and maintaining a great reputation for your project is critical, but you must also erase any unwanted exposure.


While working on your crypto project, there is a good risk that your competitors are plotting to harm your brand reputation by spreading FUD.


Effective reputation management will result from a clear and good public view of your project. It entails retaining positive focus while removing negative attention from your activity.



We have provided you with internet marketing tactics for your cryptocurrency project in this list that can help you fast create trust, relationships, and credibility. You will solve problems, educate, and motivate your potential consumers if you enrich your content strategy and provide value to your audience.


We hope these marketing recommendations are useful for your cryptocurrency enterprise’s launch, marketing, and promotion.

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