Best Crypto Tax Software Solutions

Best Crypto Tax Software Solutions


Would you love to know the effective ways & tools in which you could use to keep track of your Crypto taxes?? 

If yes, then you’re at the right place. 


Keeping track of your crypto activities for tax purposes can be nearly as painful as having your most promising altcoin take an unforeseen dive. After all, from mining to trading, you have to report every crypto transaction you make to the IRS. That’s a lot of data you need to keep on hand.


Luckily, there’s some help to be set up. The best crypto tax software can automate this task for you and give you ready- to-train paperwork. We ’ve done the exploration for you, so let’s see which software could be the right one to help you with your crypto levies.



Crypto Tax Software Solutions #1. Koinl Best for: automating tax reports

Koinly is really the most point-rich cryptocurrency tax software on our list. Not only can this tool give you accurate reports, but it has multiple features to help you insure you aren’t paying a cent over what’s rigorously necessary. The first useful point you should know about is its automated data importing. Since it integrates with numerous exchanges and holdalls , it’s doubtful that any sales record will fall through the cracks. Once the data is imported, it allows you to track every figure and attain the information on your report and exchanges in a couple of clicks. It also provides you with advanced sales filtering. You can use it to snappily see which deals are redounded in the loftiest earnings and set announcements regarding your balance. Not only does it give further than enough features for you to DIY your levies in the most effective manner, but this tool is also nicely affordable. Its free plan supports up to 10,000 transactions.


Still, it won’t allow you to export your cryptocurrency tax reports for free. For that, you would need to subscribe up for one of Koinly’s paid plans, all priced for one duty time, which start at $49 for up to 100 deals, $99 for up to 1,000 deals, $179 for up to 3,000 deals, and $279 for up to $10,000 of them.

Crypto Tax Software Solutions #2 CoinLedger Best for calculating your crypto taxes


CoinLedger (formerly CryptoTrader.Tax) is an excellent crypto tax calculator that can help you crunch all the figures for your crypto stuff and turn them into reports you can file with the IRS. It’ll have you covered for all the documents you might need. You can also painlessly produce the IRS 8949 form, short and long-term deals reports, crypto income reports, transnational gain/ loss reports, and much further. This handy duty software indeed offers duty-loss harvesting a welcome point, indeed. 


CoinLedger is straightforward to use and offers veritably accurate data. It integrates with TurboTax and TaxDirect, as well as 100 crypto exchanges and the most popular holdalls . It supports Ethereum blockchain and NFT deals. The price is veritably affordable, and you can test this calculator for free. However, you ’ll have to subscribe for one of its pricing categories, the basic one, called Hobbyist, If you want to exercise or download your reports. The coming league is Day Trader, at $99/tax year for 500 trades, and the High Volume league costs $199/tax year for 3,000 trades. However, also the Unlimited plan, starting at$ 299/tax year, If you trade further than that.



Crypto Tax Software Solutions #3 CryptoTaxCalculator Best for complex tax calculations


If You Need help in calculating complex taxes, you might find CryptoTaxCalculator to be a benefit. If you need help calculating your taxes on crypto as directly as possible, Not only does this software integrate seamlessly with numerous popular exchanges, but it also uses the data to offer veritably detailed computations. This tool indeed considers parameters similar as airdrops, staking, booby-trapping, DeFi staking prices, and ICO participation. Its algorithm will calculate these and induce duty reports for you. These will easily outline your realized capital earnings and income. From there, you can effortlessly import the data into your duty software or further it to your accountant. You also want to go with CryptoTaxCalculator if you’re outside the US. It supports countries similar as Greece, Japan, Portugal, the UK, and numerous others. Numerous new countries will probably be added to the list in the times to come. Likewise, its pricing is fairly affordable. The Rookie plan starts at $49 and covers up to 100 deals over one duty time. The Hobbyist plan costs $99 per tax year (up to 1,000 deals), the Investor plan costs $189 per tax year (up to 10,000 deals), and the most precious plan is Trader, for $299 per duty time, and covering up to 100,000 deals.


Crypto Tax Software Solutions #4 TokenTax Best for integrations with popular exchanges


TokenTax is another excellent piece of crypto tax software you can entrust with handling your taxes. This tool offers to take a solid selection of crypto taxes reports off your plate, including IRS Form 8949. It can also help you with crypto income duty, induce a cryptocurrency inspection trail, and transnational gain/ loss reports. Like numerous other results on this list, it can also help with tax-loss harvesting and offers margin trading support. The main reason TokenTax stands out from the competition is that it offers crypto tax services. You can calculate not only on its software but also on its cryptocurrency tax form team. This team is also available to help you with any duty-related task; all you have to do is shoot them a message. 


Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer a free trial. You can start with the Basic plan, which costs $65/tax year for up to 500 deals, or go with one of the advanced categories Premium ($199/tax year; up to 5,000 deals), Pro ($799/tax year; up to 20,000 deals), or personality($ 3,499/ duty time; up to 30,000 deals).


Crypto Tax Software Solutions #5 Best for: novice crypto holders is a Switzerland-based top crypto tax software solution that aims to simplify the management of your crypto taxes with seamless integrations that enable you to straightforwardly import all your transactions. It’s well-known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive crypto data organization beginners will surely appreciate. Another thing novice users can benefit from is the well-organized cryptocurrency tax blog, with informative step-by-step platform guides. The smooth upload process further simplifies your crypto tax filing. Aside from its easy-to-use dashboard and the fact it supports over 300 wallets and exchanges. offers top-notch crypto tax tracking tools and a cryptocurrency tax calculator compliant with IRS requirements. In addition to the US version of the calculator, the UK, Australian, Swiss, German, and Austrian versions are also available and can calculate users’ taxes in accordance with those countries’ regulations. All plans give you access to a crypto tracking dashboard, a crypto tax-loss harvesting tool, and a crypto tracker app. There’s a free plan, but it only covers 25 transactions per year. The paid plans range from $79 for up to 500 total transactions in your tax report (Hobbyist) to $199 for up to 5,000 transactions (Trader) and $299 for up to 50,000 transactions (Pro).


Crypto Tax Software Solutions #6 Bear.Tax Stylish for accurate historical pricing tracking


Bear.Tax is another solid choice among these platforms, bound to help you figure out your taxes. It has all the demanded features for you to calculate your crypto taxes. It offers data importing from all available exchanges. From there, it pushes the public information through top-of-the-shelf gain/loss calculators. Its intelligent matching algorithm can help you identify deals that aren’t taxable rather than simply adding them to your reports. It also offers the most accurate historical pricing. This is a point that differentiates it from the competition. Professional dealers will most clearly appreciate it when the time comes to attack cryptocurrency taxes. Still, this tool excels as software for accountants looking to take on further guests and their crypto taxes in the most effective manner. Unlike some other results, this tool allows your clients to maintain their privacy without compromising the quality of their reports. The introductory plan for this tool costs $49 per time for up to 200 deals. The next tier costs $149 per year for up to 25,000 deals, and the top-tier plan will bring you $499 per year for deals.


Crypto Tax Software Solutions #7 ZenLedger Best for tax professionals


ZenLedger is another excellent solution for handling both your or your clients’ taxes on cryptocurrency. This solution can help you cover all types of reports you might encounter. It covers all the tax forms you might need to file or have on hand. It can help you handle the math required to report capital gains and losses. It also offers Grand Unified Accounting – a proprietary ZenLedger feature. It allows you to see all your transactions from multiple wallets and exchanges within a single easy-to-understand spreadsheet. ZenLedger is one of those providers that can help you with your non-crypto taxes as well. It has prepared plans for handling both types of taxes for you. This solution also offers a professional tax suite. It is an excellent choice for professionals looking to provide crypto tax services to their clients.


 If you are unsure whether 

ZenLedger is the right solution for you, you can take advantage of its free plan, covering up to 25 transactions. The next tier is called Starter, and it costs $49 per tax year for up to 100 transactions. You can also sign up for Premium, Executive, and Platinum plans, which cost $149, $399, and $999 per tax year, respectively. It is also currently offering a 20% discount for new users and an additional 20% discount if you purchase more than one year’s worth of subscriptions. When combined, these discounts are making it one of the most affordable crypto accounting software on this list.


Crypto Tax Software Solutions #8 TaxBit Best for upfront tax planning


If you aren’t feeling up to paying a lot for crypto tax software, and are willing to plan ahead, TaxBit might be the right choice for you. Within its free plan, you can add unlimited transactions and prepare your tax reports for free – provided that you have been using the services of one of more than 500 companies within the TaxBit Network Partners program. TaxBit’s free plan will cover most traders’ basic needs, but if yours surpass that, you’ll have to sign up for one of its paid plans, all of which support unlimited transactions and wallet addresses. The first paid plan, Basic, starts at $50 per year and allows both historical tax forms and out-of-network transactions. The next tier, Plus+, costs $175 per year; finally, Pro costs $500 per year.


What to Look for in a Crypto Tax Software


When you dive into the crypto world, it’s obligatory to have a good result for figuring your crypto taxes on hand. As mentioned ahead, every action you take in the crypto world is still taxable in the eyes of the IRS, and you should have your documents in order.


Your activity is tracked to help you submit accurate reports and avoid overpaying your taxes or paying any penalties.

Here are components you should look out for in a Crypto Tax Software:


  • Available Integrations


A good crypto tax software should be suitable to integrate with all of the popular exchanges and wallets to allow for automatic data input. However, manually keeping track of all your deals can be worrisome, If you’re a professional dealer.

You need to keep track not only of prices but also dates, the quantity of coins or tokens you traded, and the length of time you kept those in your wallet.


It’s also important that the software you choose can be used in your country, as the taxes differ depending on where you live. The app you choose should follow taxation norms in your country.

Indeed if you aren’t a professional dealer and have a lower quantity of transactions per time, these tools can save you hours in adding all of your trades manually.


  • Accuracy of Ready-To-Use Paperwork


Once these data aggregators have all the data they need, they can calculate the crypto taxes you should pay. To do this seamlessly, you should look for the best crypto taxes calculator available in terms of accuracy.


Most tax software should also be suitable to present you with pre-filled and ready-to-download paperwork you can file. It should help you further than just the infamous IRS Form 8949.


You ought to be suitable to calculate on it for transnational levies, your inspection track, and indeed for reporting your taxes on cryptocurrency earnings and losses.


  • Available Features


The best cryptocurrency tax software will also have excellent dashboards for tracking your sales history. From there, it should have you covered in terms of duty- loss harvesting and other features intended to simplify your duty running.


Some of these software results will fetch deals between your holdalls and save you from paying the taxes on them. Others will automatically remove indistinguishable deals from your forms.


Having all these features available saves time for duty professionals, too. Some of these results offer software for duty professionals to help them manage levies on crypto earnings for their clients.


Some results offer you to hire a team of duty professionals, which could be beneficial for professional dealers who don’t have the time to double- check software reports.


Other results include non-crypto duty running- a perfect result for those looking to handle all their taxes in one place. Still, it might be safer to go with a devoted, traditional duty software result if you need that.


  • Reputation and Security


Other essential aspects of each software handling taxes (especially in the crypto world) are its reputation and security. You want to make sure you’re working with the best tax software for crypto, one that’s dependable and secure.

You do not want it to mess up your reports and have to pay penalties once the IRS compares your report to those submitted by crypto exchanges or, indeed worse, get indicted of duty evasion.


Before committing to a particular software, you should be apprehensive of other users’ experiences.

Checking crypto duty software reviews first-hand is an excellent idea that could help you determine whether or not it’s the right software to go with.


  • Pricing and Free Trials


The best way to test crypto tax software is by getting hands-on experience with a free trial. numerous providers on this list offer try- ahead you- buy schemes or have introductory plans that bring veritably little.


First- hand experience with a piece of software is the key to changing the right tool to help you handle your taxes on cryptocurrency.


Incipiently, there’s also the question of the value you get for the price you pay. It would be stylish to know how numerous deals you make per tax year, as these pricing categories are substantially based on that number.


You should also check whether a piece of software will gauge well if you make further deals in the forthcoming time.

With some results, different categories unleash different features as well. Still, not all features are worth the redundant price. Flashback that getting accurate tax reports on time is what matters then, and don’t fall for expensive bonus features unless you really need them.




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