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An end-to-end token architecture based on paintings for the art industry. They assist the industry, legal, and auditing processes in raising capital for the acquisition of art. With the regulations embedded in a smart contract, our tokens are compliant with numerous jurisdictions.

It provides due diligence, auditing, and legal services to evaluate your art before assigning a value to your token. We create art tokens based on blockchain technology, allowing your investors to earn dividends or interest.

They also provide a Crowdfunding Art Tokenization Platform for tokenizing galleries, allowing them to liquidate and raise funds for future expansion and purchases.

What is Art tokenization?

Art has historically (and continues to be) been an expensive endeavor. Only those with financial means, such as art connoisseurs, curators, and collectors, have been able to purchase the artworks.

Tokenizing an art means determining the cost of ownership, digitizing the rights to own it, and selling them to interested buyers. Since each token is backed by Art’s value and right to ownership, it implies that you own a portion of the art for that particular value. Art asset-backed tokens have a cap on the number of tokens that can be sold, so the supply is limited, and the value grows over time without becoming diluted.

Art Tokenization Platforms

The primary benefit of tokenizing an artwork is that it lowers the entry barrier for anyone interested in purchasing the artwork but does not have the funds to do so. Tokenized art allows a group to collectively invest in the artwork by purchasing a few tokens worth a certain amount. Holders of these tokens can trade (buy or sell) them in asset exchanges, allowing them to profit.

An Art Tokenizing platform can tokenize any artwork. They can easily create art-backed tokens in a few steps.

Art Tokenization Platforms Strategy

Tokens backed by art are changing the way art collectors and investors around the world invest in and collect paintings. The potential for blockchain developers, legal and financial advisors to strategize. The Technology use a team of Legal, Financial, and Blockchain Consultants, as well as Art enthusiasts, to ensure that the tokens are legally compliant.

During the tokenization of assets, our developers consistently consult with our material experts on crowdfunding/ securities, tax/accounting, and art enthusiasts. SMEs guide our development team, allowing you to boost funds within the regulatory framework.

Strategic Checklist

  •   Token Structure
  •   Securities Regulations
  •   Art to Tokens Ratio
  •   International Fundraising
  •   Smart Contracts
  •   Corporate Code
  •   Investor Traceability
  •   Legal & Regulatory Frameworks
  •   Type of Interest
  •   Art Type
  •   Automated KYC/AML
  •   Numerous Jurisdictions
  •   Legal Entity
  •   Location of the Asset
  •   Accredited Investor Verification

Top Art Tokenization Platforms

1. ConsenSys Codefi

ConsenSys Codefi is a comprehensive suite of blockchain apps geared toward corporate clients. Codefi Assets is their exclusive application for the top asset tokenization platform in 2022 and digital asset management. Furthermore, ConsenSys claims to have invested more than $1 billion in Ethereum-based tokenization projects, launches, digital assets, and currencies.

They are used by a large developer community and provide services to many multinational corporations. ConsenSys Codefi, backed by ConsenSys, is undeniably in a strong position to become the leading asset tokenization platform by 2022.

2. tZERO

tZERO leads the way with an incredible $330M investment. tZERO provides a marketplace for trading private digital assets in addition to their bitcoin wallet. They were among the first to enter the fray and are backed by Overstock, a publicly traded company. Furthermore, they offer issuers a customized approach to getting their security tokenized and entered into the tZERO ATS (alternative trading system).

This is where investors can buy and sell security-backed tokens. Furthermore, Aspen Digital is tZERO’s most prominent case. In 2020, the ASPEN digital security, which represents a portion of the equity in the St. Regis Aspen Resort, began trading on the tZERO ATS.

3. Polymath

Polymath specializes in the creation, issuance, and management of blockchain-based digital tokens. The ERC-1400 token standard, also known as the “security token standard,” was created by them. It was created in order to standardize the creation, trading, and management of security tokens. In addition, their solution generates over 200 tokens.

tokenization platforms

Polymath is currently working on the release of Polymesh, a blockchain designed specifically for security tokens. Furthermore, the primary distinction between this solution and their previous one is that regulatory standards are now embedded in the blockchain’s basic layer. As a result, participants’ compliance with their local regulatory agencies is greatly simplified.

4. Bitbond
Bitbond, based in Germany and active in the field since 2013, primarily provides tokenized bond technology. Banks, issuers, and investment managers are among the clients. According to the company, banks, for example, use Bitbond’s white-label solution to simplify bond issuance.

As a result, total expenses are reduced, giving Bitbond’s clients a competitive advantage. Furthermore, Bitbond launched Germany’s first STO in 2019, tokenizing a bond in which investors can gain exposure by purchasing Bitbond Tokens (BB1).

5. Tokensoft
Tokensoft offers blockchain technology for the creation of digital assets. Furthermore, their clientele is diverse, including startups, funds, corporations, and investment banks. Tokensoft also provides a tokenization platform that allows customers to set compliance requirements for both digital assets and digital securities.

In collaboration with Arca Labs and Anchorage, Tokensoft created the first SEC-registered securities on the blockchain. Furthermore, the fund is primarily composed of US Treasury bonds and trades on the Ethereum blockchain as ArCoin tokens.

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