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Top trusted blockchain security companies


Welcome to kafy crypto, your number-one crypto news, and Webs marketing agency. In today’s content, we are going to be reviewing some top blockchain security companies industry and some other vital things you need to know about blockchain security, stay tuned 


What is blockchain security? 

Before we go into what blockchain security is, let’s first look at the term that brought about the security which is blockchain. A Blockchain is a decentralized ledger technology that is duplicated and distributed across a network of computer systems. It is an encrypted node of transactional data that can be viewed and shared


Blockchain technology also helps to secure, gather and store information in blocks. Each block can store a certain amount of information. And these data structures have an already existing security quality because they are based on cryptography, consensus, and decentralization principles.  Each block of information connects to all the previous blocks in such a way that it’s impossible to tamper with. 


Which blockchain has the best security?

For a number of good reasons based on the caliber of projects on the Ethereum network, We can say that Ethereum has the most secured blockchain as of the time of writing this. 

What are blockchain security tools

Blockchain security tools are tools used to secure smart contracts and tokenized currency, as well as to spot cyber transactions and blockchain security threats. These tools are also used by businesses to guarantee that data is safeguarded against potential risks and stored in accordance with privacy and/or data protection standards. Here is some notable blockchain security tools Hyperledger, Storj,  Kaspersky

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Can you use blockchain for security? 

Blockchains can be used for security, flashback to our definition of what blockchain is, you would remember we said is an encrypted node of transactional data stored in blocks. So how do we now use blockchain for security? By storing your data on the encrypted node that connects to the blocks with inherent security qualities and that is what blockchain security companies help you to achieve 

Is blockchain security unbreakable?

Blockchain security according to some verifiable sources is said to be unbreakable because of high-end cryptographic and encryption techniques used to code the data to the nodes and blocks to ensure the chances of the data being tampered with are drastically reduced 


Blockchain is widely viewed as unbreakable because advanced cryptographic techniques are used to encode the data and ensure that it is not altered. But there are vulnerabilities to be exploited

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Top 5  trusted blockchain security companies 

blockchain security companies #1 Elliptic

When was TRM founded
When was elliptic founded

Elliptic is a transaction monitoring and cyber fraud prevention firm.  It provides solutions for blockchain analytics, compliance, and financial crime risk management. It’s services rang from selliptic discovery for detecting and assessing exposure to crypto-assets, a lens for checking crypto wallets, and a navigator for controlling crypto risk, and more

When was Elliptic founded? 

Elliptic was founded in London in the year 2014 and is heavily invested in by Evolution Equity Partners, SoftBank Vision Fund, Wells Fargo amongst others

Blockchain security companies #2 Simplex

simplex blockchain crypto pioneer


Simplex is a top AI-based crypto payments and fraud prevention solutions for businesses. It enables merchants to accept crypto-based payments for various goods and services. It also offers a global fiat onramp for debit and credit card transactions. It enables merchants to accept crypto-based payments for various goods and services. It also provides escrow services for multiple fiat-crypto transactions.

When was Simplex founded? 

Simplex was founded in 2014 in Isreal and is heavily invested in by

FundersClub and  Bitmain 

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Blockchain security companies #3 TRM labs

When was TRM founded


Trim is a digital asset compliance and risk management solution for cryptocurrency. It allows crypto brands  to launch KYC identification verification, build compliant airdrops, and more. It automatically blends on-chain and off-chain data and Monitor, detect and investigate crypto fraud and financial crime, and provides information about the token holders. It helps blockchain companies to 

When was Trim founded? 

Trim was founded in the United States in  the year 2018 and is heavily invested in by some of the notable names in the world like  JPMorgan Chase & Co, Tiger Global Management, and Visa 

Blockchain security companies #4 Solidus Labs

Solidus labs blockchain security founded  in 2017

Solidus Labs Digital asset trade surveillance solution. The solution utilizes machine learning to detect, address, investigate and report market manipulation in digital asset trading. Its features include collaborative and customizable alert management, regulatory reporting, and compliance management. Its clients include digital asset broker-dealers, market makers, hedge funds, centralized and decentralized exchanges.

When was Solidus Labs founded? 

Solidus labs was founded in the United States in 2017 and is solidly invested in by

Liberty City Ventures, Evolution Equity Partners, and Declaration Partners

Blockchain security companies #CipherTrace

Ciphertrace blockchain security firm

CipherTrace provides forensic and investigation tools for cryptocurrencies. Helps organizations in investigating money laundering, ransomware, drug trafficking, extortion, child exploitation, and fraudulent ICOs. CipherTrace provides the infrastructure to enable secure, verifiable, and legal commerce for cryptocurrency markets.

When was CipherTrace founded? 

CipherTrace was founded in Menlo park United States in the year 2016 and has attracted a very good number of customer base and investors ranging from Third Point, Neotribe, Seraph Group, and 8 Other Investors


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Crypto security company’s stock

If you are looking to invest in blockchain security stocks, then here is a top pick for Q4 according to investopedia

  1. A10 Networks Inc.: is a provider of secure applications and solutions for multi-cloud networks, including private and public clouds as well as on-premise environments. Its software and hardware solutions enable its customers to secure their applications, users, and infrastructure from Internet, web, and network threats. A10 Networks reported earnings results for Q2 2022 on Aug. 2. Net income climbed by 57.4% year-over-year (YOY) on solid revenue growth, driven by a substantial increase in America’s revenue.
  2. NortonLifeLock Inc.: NortonLifeLock is a consumer cybersecurity company. It provides protective services and products for devices, online privacy, identity, home networks, and more. On Sept. 12, the company completed its acquisition of Avast, the digital security and privacy company. The aggregate consideration for the deal was over 94 million new NortonLifeLock Shares and roughly $6.0 billion in cash.


  1. CACI International Inc.: CACI International is a holding company that, through subsidiaries, offers national security mission services. The company provides government support in both domestic and international matters and in surveillance, intelligence, communications, reconnaissance, and other areas.

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