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Marketing is most important when it comes to creating any successful business.

For a business to survive, there must be a team of active marketers. The role of the marketing team is to attract investors. And the team will achieve this by creating awareness and increasing visibility.

The crypto industry is not left out when it comes to marketing. A lot is happening in the blockchain turf, so newer projects need to do some work to reel in customers. The work needed could be overwhelming and in most cases stand taller than the dev team. This has given rise to the need for crypto marketing agencies today.

Crypto marketing services have become essential in order for cryptocurrency startups to succeed.

Like most businesses, crypto startups need strategic marketing to increase awareness and visibility. Marketing is also required to gain credibility and acceptance in the crypto community.

These crypto startups need a good amount of exposure to attract investors. For this reason, they hire marketing agencies to handle publicity and promotion. While they engage and focus on other aspects of the business.

So, what are crypto marketing agencies? You may wonder.

This article explains the role of a crypto marketing agency. You will also find a list of top 10 crypto marketing agencies. You will discover what agencies do, and gain a clear understanding of how they can help your project.

What are Crypto Marketing Agencies?

A crypto marketing agency helps crypto startups create and launch their brand. The agency works hard to promote the blockchain. And also to improve token sales and grow communities around the project,

Crypto marketing applies the same marketing techniques used by other sectors. Some of the techniques used by these agencies include:

  • Content marketing.
  • social media marketing.
  • influencer marketing.
  • public relations.
  • email marketing.
  • affiliate marketing.

The unique characteristic of crypto marketing agencies isn indepth knowledge of cryptocurrency. These agencies have people who are sound in the technicals of cryto and blockchain.

Importance of Crypto Marketing agencies

Competition in the crypto industry has been on the rise. As a result, startups need specialists in marketing to keep their project in front of people.
If you are a startup, and your marketing is effective, interest in your project will grow over time. So will investments and profit.
This is why crypto marketing agencies are very important. They will help you build a community that will engage with your project.
Besides building community, they will build brand trust through constant advertising.
Effective marketing strategies is essential for a new crypto project. This is because it creates awareness and visibility.

Crypto Marketing Agencies | OmniAgency

OmniAgency crypto marketing agancy

Omni is a digital community management agency that focuses on blockchain projects.

They work in fostering blockchain communities through social media growth tactics. They also promote projects through strategic community initiatives.

Omni is a Canadian based crypto marketing agency. Their team of specialised community experts boast over 40 years of marketing experience.

Omniagency’s portfolio parades some world leading brands like Crypto Players Club. They have displayed expertise in community building over the years. And their work speaks for them.

They position themselves as an extension of your team when your project engages them. This mode of operation ensures full transpareny, and fosters relationships within the teams. They help you understand the reason behind what they do, why they do it, and how it will benefit your project.

Projects they have worked with:

  • Rainmaker
  • Flipsies
  • Cryptoplayer’s club

Services they offer:

  • Social Media Management
  • Community Nurturement
  • Shilling and Community Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Social strategy

Crypto Marketing Agencies | CrptoPR

CryptoPR marketing agency

CryptoPR is popular for prowress in promoting crypto exchanges, wallets, tokens, and NFT’s. CryptoPR is a reputable team based in UK and marked by excellent service delivery.

The agency has a large portfolio and a broad network of sites that rank first on Google for key crypto content.

When CryptoPR features your crypto products on these sites, it is beneficial.

CryptoPR has access to over 100 premium publications. This enables it to drive tremendous amounts of traffic and cryptocurrency investment leads.

Client’s they have worked for includes:

  • Cryptopia
  • Binance
  • CoinEx
  • Studentcoin
  • Paybis
  • storm gain

Services they offer:

  • Press release
  • Banner Ads campaigns
  • NFT Promotion and Shilling
  • Comparison listings and Reviews
  • International Campaigns
  • Advertorial Features.

Crypto Marketing Agencies | Coinbound

Coinbound marketing agency

Among the marketing agencies to consider when launching a cryptoo project is Coinbound.

The company’s duty is to make your project go viral. They achieve their goals with influencer marketing. Coinbound has gannered a vast network of influencers scattered all around social networks. Including almost every prominent social media platform you can mention.

Credit to their influencing job, Coinbound has worked with the biggest names in web 3.

Coinbound’s team of marketing experts have a deep understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.

Out of love for what they do and dedication to the crypto industry, they share marketing info online. They educate participants in the crypto and web 3 industry through their podcasts.

Client’s they have worked with:

  • Cosmos
  • Litecoin
  • Metamask

Services They Offer:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Web 3 blog management
  • Public Relations
  • Twitter management
  • Thought Leader Management
  • Community and set up Management

Crypto Marketing Agencies | ICODA

ICODA crypto marketing agency

Icoda is a crypto marketing agency that is data driven. They create software products and provide services for blockchain companies around the world.
The believe that blockchain and Defi have the tendency to change the world.
Icoda specialists provide crypto leads. They engage in blockchain development, crypto startups and cryptocurrency creation.

Clients they have worked with:

  • Huobi exchange
  • Bosagora
  • Infinito wallet
  • Swissbog
  • Saffermoon.

Services they offer:

  • Public Relation
  • Twitter influencer
  • YouTube influencer
  • Decentralized finance promotion.

Crypto Marketing Agencies | NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo marketing agency

NinjaPromo is a digital advertising agency that uses sophisticated ninja techniques, and cutting edge crypto marketing space technologies. 

They comprise team experts that are talented, enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, which is helping its client to get recognized globally and working with its clients on a personal connection. 

NinjaPromo uses all aspects of social media marketing strategies to help blockchain related projects and startups. They are interested in helping blockchain companies, FinTech companies, B2B companies and various startups with advertising and promotion. 

Client they have worked for: 

  • Trustwallet
  • Bitforex
  • IRonFX.

Services they offer:

  •  Video Marketing
  •  Public Relation 
  •  Crypto Marketing
  •  Digital Advertisement
  •  Content Creation.
  •  Influencer Marketing 
  •  Social Media Marketing 
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Website Development 

Crypto Marketing Agencies | Single Grain

Singlegrain marketing agency

Single grain promotes crypto and NFT projects with a team of qualified marketers.
They have experts in all round marketing, althoug digital marketing is their forte. They promise tangible return on investment for your crypto products.
Single grain has experts on SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. Not to mention lead Generation and Pay Per Click.
The company knows what’s best for every client. Which is why they are also vast in the blockchain industry.

Clients they have worked for:

  • Bittrex
  • Polymath
  • Blockgeek.

Services they offer:

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community building
  • Community Management
  • Press Release
  • NFT marketing
  • Crypto PR
  • Blockchain and ICO marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web 3 Marketing.

Crypto Marketing Agencies | NeoReach

NeoReach is an agency that creates world class original influencer marketing campaigns. They are in a class of their own and provide services for leading brands and Fortune 500 companies.
Years of experience in marketing campaigns enable them create strong relationships with influencers.
The agency’s tech team oversees everything from influencer sourcing to performance reporting. They also provide custom crypto and NFT marketing strategies.
NeoReach is global influencer platform that is data-driven. They can boost your promotional material and retarget your audience.
They also use paid advertising across various social media platforms.

Clients they have worked for:

Clash App and Robinhood.

Services they offer:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid media
  • Influencer and scheduling
  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative strategy and development.

Crypto Marketing Agencie | Lunar Strategy


Lunar Strategy is a marketing aagency that focuses on all areas in the crypto market.
It has a great team of specialists with a deep knowledge of the blockchain industry.
Lunar strategy specialises on businesses that are into Gamefi, NFT, Defi, Metaverse etc.

Clients they have worked with:

  • Pixel Pix
  • Dark Frontiers
  • JPEGvault.

Services they offer:

  • Community building
  • Social media management
  • Paid ads
  • Public Relation
  • Influencer marketing.

Crypto Marketing Agencies | CoinPresso

Coinpresso claims a prime position in crypto marketing. They promise remarkable return on investment.
They offer refined crypto marketing solutions by a team of industry experts. They do this by combining cryptocurrency and digital marketing knowledge.
Though Coinpresso is a new marketing agency, they are well vast in SEO, SEM and content creation. They undeniable expertise has given them brand recognition among older agencies.

Their Clients and partners:

  • Slance
  • Bitcoin22
  • Gamestar
  • AuroraFS

Services they offer:

  • SEO
  • Press Release
  • App store Optimisation
  • Web development
  • Social Media Marketing


This article has explained the top crypto marketing agency and what they do. These agencies know the importance of effective marketing to a new project.
It is a mistake to neglect the good contribution these agencies can bring to your project.
If you want to start promoting your project today, KafyCrypto has all it takes to do it for you. Here we ensure your project gains high quality traffic and we grow your brand to heights of success.

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