C-01 Nft: Is C-01 Nft Worth Buying

C-01 Nft: Is C-01 Nft Worth Buying
C-01 Nft: Is C-01 Nft Worth Buying


Have you ever heard of C-01 NFT PROJECT? What is this project all about? What is the C-01 NFT raffle and website? Or perhaps you are also thinking about the minting price and rarity of the C-01 NFT project as it seems to be among the most hyped NFT project this year.


You have come to the right place. Just make sure to read to the end as I put you through with all the information you need about the C-01 NFT project. Probably after this you might think of giving it a try if you feel it’s a good buy.



C-01 NFT Explained

So what is this project all about? The project C-01 NFT is composed of 8888 NFTs. This project was designed by talented and expert designers and developers by merging the fashion industry with digital collectibles. 

They plan to become pioneers for the evolution of fashion in the Metaverse a.k.a Fashion In The Metaverse


Experts, designers and developers of C-01 NFT PROJECT


So the artists are involved in this project are;


  1. Luis Monteiro: 

He is a French model and stylist with a tremendous amount of experience in the luxury fashion industry. He has been working with big brands such as Chanel, St. Laurent, and Chloe. For the last two years he has been dedicated to the Louis Vuitton group. Luis Monteiro designed all the clothing, the materials and the accessories for the collection.


  1.  Gilberto Zaragoza: 

 He is a 3d concept artist, the lead 3d designer of the C-01 NFT project. He has 10 years experience working alongside multinationals, entertainment and media, from the giants such as Warren bros, Disney Marvel, Netflix and Bandai. 


How to join C-01 NFT PROJECT community and Discord server


  1. click on https://discord.gg/c-01  and you will have access to their discord.
  2. Invite 10 other people to get  whitelisted. 
  3. Relate and socialize with the community to reach level seven(7).


  1. Host on Twitter or Instagram. mention them, follow them on their social media, interact with the community, help other people and possibly the moderator and the other people that are involved. 


Generate your code and invite others. This code is unique to invite other people. 

Also see: how to get nft whitelist; a step by step guide


C-01 NFT PROJECT Genesis

 It took the developers more than two months to make each of the facial expressions of the 3d model.  To make them look as human and as natural as possible. Then designed each of their clothing, the materials and the textures with the models and stylist Luis Monteiro.


The Aim of C-01 NFT Project design

The aim of C-01 NFT design is to go beyond the limitations of everything made so far and give an ultra realistic look through a detailed apparel and fabric. The developers hope to make the incorporations look like real life models but for the metaverse, they completely agree with the realistic look for the 3d model incorporations.

 The Price of C-01 NFT Project

The  price on an average rate of one C-01 NFT collection is $138.8. However, the cost or price of nfts are not stable. They fluctuate. Rise and fall depending on the demands. The price of minting one nft is about $1 to about $1000 dollars. 


A week or more after the mint they will produce the token economists for the ecosystem. The mission of C-01 NFT Project is to be the settlers of luxury fashion in the Metaverse Space. They also give support to luxury fashion brands around the world to showcase their digital collection with their 3d model incorporations. Every deal made from the C 01 design will be participated with the core holders and community. 


 In addition to benefiting from the exclusive digital collection drops and the physical trafficker drops, C-01 NFT Project hopes to profit from a token position that will match the number of NFT an owner/holder and his portmanteau holds. 


The C-01 NFT project developers are also in for the Sandbox and Decentraland. They hope to buy some portion of land to produce a virtual fashion show that will be transmitted live across social media. 


The aim is to replicate the real world well given fashion cortege and making unthinkable digital experience an honor of the season. One you’ll love to hang out and fraternize in the 3d Space and be in the front of the web result that’s presently passing in the fashion assiduity. 


C-01 NFT Project Rarity


C-01 NFT project is ranked 4736 out of 8888 total items. This has a very high potential and utility. This ranking was before their website was suspended. 


Their website was formerly suspended. But early this year, they came back.. They also have an Instagram, discord and Twitter. However, they opened this account recently. January 2022 to be exact.


You can follow them on social media and discord and follow up with the design. 


So many believe this design is going to be awesome. because it’s veritably realistic. The artist’s work is amazing. 


 The roadmap is perfect. 

 Veritably well put together. The community grows so fast. There has been a lot of hype around Discord on the C-01 project,  So, I personally believe, it is going to make a good number. And if I get a chance to get one of these, I will surely hold the C-01 NFT for the long term. However, that’s just my view, you can drop yours in the comment below. that was my opinion, please make your exploration, do not jump right down. 


 I hope you liked the post. Thanks so much for reading


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