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You may have come across the subject of crypto audits. but are unfamiliar with its meaning and essence. In this article, you’ll get to learn more about what it entails, and you’ll also get to know the top 5 crypto audit companies.

What are smart contracts?

A smart contract is computer software that automatically executes contracts on the blockchain. when its negotiation or transaction is being carried out.

Basically, a smart contract is when a computer program tracks and records transactions. that occur following the terms of policy and agreement of the contract.

Smart contracts allow for the verification and implementation of transactions without a third party. External entities can not reverse these agreements, and they are verifiable. Devs store smart contract codes as smart contracts as well. Thus, once it’s executed or activated, it becomes immutable.

What is Smart Contract Auditing?

Smart Contract auditing is set out to verify that a smart contract functions as expected. And also to ensure no security vulnerability, issues, or exploits may occur, as the case may be. Significantly, you have your contracts audited by a team with experience. You do this to ensure the smart contracts’ safety and security before it’s used.

This scrutiny or confirmation focuses on finding potential vulnerabilities. Such as may result in a significant loss of finances and resources.

What are Crypto Audit Companies?

Various companies deliver services with smart-contract auditing. These companies are in three categories:

  1. Audit companies that offer general auditing services for blockchains.
  2. Audit projects that target specific blockchain platforms
  3. Those that provide vital security-centered audits.

These companies are solution providers composed of teams of developers. The devs have experience in reviewing contracts and finding any possible vulnerabilities. The target and goal of audit at large is to enhance the security of your protocol before launch.

Now, let us look at some important crypto audit companies.

Art Tokenization Platforms

Crypto Audit Companies – #1 Hacken

The cybersecurity outfit, Hacken, secures WEB 3.0 businesses and projects from hacking. The goal of Hacken is to help projects avoid losing money and value.

Hacken started in the year 2017. Since then, the company has been able to secure more than 900 projects. Hacken’s partners include cryptocurrencies, crypto exchange platforms, and launchpads, amongst others. Smart contracts audits, bug bounty programs, and pentests are some of Hacken’s services.

Hacken trusts the biggest Crypto exchanges like OKX, Huobi, FTX, KuCoin, and And they are in partnership with CoinGecko, VeChain, CoinMarketCap, Avalanche, and Solana Foundation. The list goes on.

So the purpose of Haken is for the security of businesses, preventing them from hacking.

Crypto Audit Companies – #2 Certik

Certik is a blockchain security company. It has advanced verification technology based on smart contract networks & blockchain networks. Certik started in 2018 as an innovation by Yale University and Columbia University professors. Certik proffers that protecting the cyber world is their essential mission.

Over 1800 successful protocol audits happened under Certik’s supervision. And most of these audits were on popular protocols. Binance, Huobi, and OKEx are some top crypto exchanges in partnership with Certik. Binance Accelerator Fund uses Certik audits.

Certik’s goal is to perform a detailed security investigation of your smart contract. They offer advice or counsel for resolution when vulnerabilities surface.

Crypto Audit Companies – #3 Chainsulting

Chainsulting is a leading security audit organization that confirms the code integrity of contracts. They offer consultation and software development services.

So when any protocol has an issue and needs counsel, Chainsulting is the right option. Whatever the challenge may be, they have all it takes to tackle the problem.

The company started its operation in 2017 and they are offering the following services:

  • smart contracts Audits
  • The investigation of opportunities and security risks.
  • The building of blockchain technology and architecture for decentralized applications (dApps).
  • The Distribution of ledger technology & digital assets consulting

The company does smart contract security audits across the globe. And work hard to discover errors in smart codes.

Crypto Audit Companies – #4 SolidProof

SolidProof is a German audit company that assesses smart contract integrity. They conduct manual and automated tests on blockchain contracts to detect loopholes.

SolidProof prides itself in providing swift audit reports.

Sometimes, they issue the report immediately after the test. The result shows the challenges with the contract and gives the solution.

SolidProof conducts investigations on Defi projects. They analyze the projects and determine if they would work. SolidProof also provides solutions to discover problems.

Crypto Audit Companies – #5 Quantstamp

Quantstamp is a blockchain security company that audits smart contracts. They have a team of skilled devs who are capable of identifying vulnerabilities in your code.

Their utmost focus is security. And they have proven experience in discovering bugs in Ethereum smart contracts.

The goal of the project is to make sure there is security in the smart contracts. Quantstamp provides risk assessment services. Services that enable the building of trust in blockchain, crypto, and the use of smart contracts.

Quantstamp services include:

  • They protect the Blockchain of Layer 1 from vulnerabilities such as Ethereum 2.0 & Solana;
  • securing smart contracts that power Defi & NFT software such as OpenSea;
  • and the building of financial primitives of the Blockchain ecosystem for Layer 1.


Audits have become popular as a result of smart contract hacks and exploitation. There are a few crypto audit companies that you can use. Some of these are all listed in this post so you can know their smart contract capabilities.
It is important to choose an experienced audit company for your smart contracts. A good choice will ensure your contracts are safe before they go into production.
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