Does Crypto Run 24/7 – Is Cryptocurrency trading 24/7

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If you have ever traded cryptocurrency before or you’re new to cryptocurrency, you might have asked or come across the question: “Does crypto run 24/7?

Welcome to Kafycrypto, your number-one crypto news, and Web3marketing agency. In this post, we’ll be answering the aforementioned question.


Does Crypto Run 24/7?

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Yes, crypto run 24/7. Cryptocurrency can be used any time of the day; this is because there’s no central body controlling the crypto system.


Crypto leverages blockchain technology to exist, and blockchain is a distributed ledger that’s void of central authority.

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What Time Does The Crypto Market Open And Close?

There is no exact time that the crypto market opens or closes, the crypto market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

So, if you are willing to trade the crypto market, you should have in mind that you can open or close a trade anytime any day.

However, even though the crypto market is open 24/7, it’s worth noting that there are hours when crypto is most traded. 

Crypto doesn’t trade (buy & sell) itself, people trade it; so you should consider the time when most people all over the world will be active in the market.


What Are The Opening Hours Of Cryptocurrency Market?

Unlike Forex or the stock market, the cryptocurrency market doesn’t have opening hours.

This is because the crypto market isn’t regulated by the government, thus, they lack the power to control when the crypto assets can be traded.

However, the timezone in different countries is different, some countries may be having their sleeping time at certain hours while it’s the waking time for some countries.


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Most Volatile Time For Cryptocurrency

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In the previous heading, we mentioned that the timezone in different countries is different.

But there’s still a time when most crypto traders in different countries will be active in the market; this is the time when a majority of crypto traders tend to be trading the crypto market.

During these hours, the market seems to be more volatile because there’d be more money being injected into the market – which will result in huge trading volume.

For instance, if most people all over the countries in the world are selling crypto at a particular hour (e.g, 3 pm UTC), the crypto market will be very volatile in that there’d be a drastic drop in the price of crypto.

Conversely, the market will be extremely bullish if an adequate number of crypto traders are buying crypto at that time.

So, to know the most volatile time for cryptocurrency, you need to discover the time when most traders all over the world will be awake and active in the market.

However, according to a report, crypto traders are most likely to be active between 8 am – 4 pm (UTC).


Does Crypto Trade On Weekends?

Yes, crypto can be traded on weekends, but you need to understand that the weekend is usually when most people go for refreshments or relax from their daily activities.

During these days, most crypto traders may restrain from trading by relaxing their minds. So, there may not be many buyers or sellers in the market, but it sure that you can trade your cryptocurrency on weekends, seamlessly.

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ConclusionDoes Crypto Run 24/7?

You should have known, by now, that crypto runs 24/7. Most importantly, crypto can also be traded 24/7.

However, crypto is mostly traded on centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms, so you should take note of any maintenance updates on any crypto exchange platform – as that might also affect how crypto is traded in the market.


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