Is Binance Centralized or Decentralized ? – Revealed

is binance centralized or decentralized
is binance centralized or decentralized


Is Binance Centralised or Decentralised: The peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets is made possible by the cryptocurrency exchange, a digitized marketplace. There are controlled exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Most important exchanges, like Coinbase and Binance, are centralized.

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Is Binance decentralized or centralized?

The Binance exchange is centralized. This is because they outline the guidelines you should follow.

Be prepared to provide your identification, often known as KYC, and be prepared to lose the ability to withdraw cryptocurrencies if you want to use them urgently because they frequently “halt” withdrawals and deposits in general.

The ability of an organization or company to operate in an intermediary method proves that it is Centralised, they make decisions for customers, transactions can’t be completed without the role of a 3rd party, and they tend to be under some level of restrictions according to the rules and obligation of the company’s system and Binance functions as such. 

What is Centralised & Decentralised exchange

A company that created and operated a cryptocurrency exchange is known to be centralized. These exchanges are regarded as centralized since a single organization controls all transactions and establishes the exchange’s guidelines and costs. A perfect example of a centralized system is a bank, it is controlled by a body.  All regulations, terms of use, and policies are being decided by the mono system. 

For instance, profitable CEXes are built and operated by Coinbase,, and FTX. The businesses provide browser-based and mobile apps, then they can generate revenue whenever you make use of their platforms to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, An automated system called a decentralized exchange makes cryptocurrency transactions possible. A DEX may be established and developed with the aid of a person or group. Although it is actively administered by a decentralized network of servers, similar to other decentralized finance (DeFi) programs, no single party has control over the platform after it has been set up. In this system, you become your bank without having an intermediary or a 3rd party to authorize transactions that you make.


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What type of exchange is Binance

The Binance Exchange is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that was established in Hong Kong in 2017. It states much emphasis on the trading of altcoins. Which includes Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and its token, Binance provides peer-to-peer trading in more than 600 digital money and tokens (BNB)


Users can transact and trade cryptocurrencies on the Binance platform. The major vastly used cryptocurrencies are supported. To store their digital currencies, traders can as well make use of the crypto wallet offered by Binance. Additionally, the exchange offers consumers supporting services so they can earn interest or conduct cryptocurrency transactions, therefore Binance is known to be an online exchange.


Centralized Vs Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange: A Comparison

Now that we are more familiar with centralized and decentralized exchanges, let’s examine how they differ from one another in terms of fees, crypto-asset diversity, features, liquidity, authority, and security. 


Trading fees are a big issue for most cryptocurrency investors.


A centralized exchange functions like a per-trade fee, whereas a white-label DEX functions like a CEX in that it takes a portion of the price for each operation!


You must pay a gas fee when a payment is ready to be added to a decentralized exchange so that your deal may be verified via blockchain. The gas fee will be dependent on the chain.


Crypto-asset diversity

Over 4,000 different cryptocurrencies will be available on the market by 2021 and even beyond.


The following requirements must be satisfied for an asset to be sold on a CEX:

  • Security requirements
  • Trading operations 
  • Regulatory prerequisite


And in terms of decentralized exchange? On a DEX, anything can be listed. You’ll have to accept more risk as a result, but you’ll also be capable of trading in fresh, popular assets. Simply put, you risk having assets that are worthless if you don’t conduct a comprehensive investigation.


In terms of functionality, centralized crypto exchanges beat out decentralized ones. You can use advanced order types, portfolio management equipment, and margin trading to increase your trading performance.


On the contrary, customers of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges have access to a limited number of categories and are not able to engage in margin trading (or equivalent services). Possibly more features will be offered by decentralized systems when more sophisticated ones hit the market.



Decentralized exchanges have several problems, one of which is their inability to reach levels of liquidity that are equal to centralized exchanges. A new liquidity method has just been introduced by some DEXs to address this problem: Market Makers on Autopilot (AMMs)


The efficiency and productivity of centralized order books are not replaced by centralized liquidity in the AMM model, despite its significant value proposition.


The ability of the user to maintain their ownership of assets/coins is one of the benefits of DEX bitcoin. The exchange takes absolute control and keeping of the currency in a CEX. On the other side, delaying the key exchange can result in a quicker action because the user would not be required to grant access. But this might result in cryptocurrency theft.


You have a concrete example of this. The theft that occurred in 2018 where $713 million was stolen was traceable to the Coincheck Exchange hack.

At a controlled exchange, scams are quite rare. When a project appears to be a fraud and thieves escape with millions of dollars worth of bitcoin, those who bought unidentified currencies lose everything they invested.

Your security, commonly known as your wallet, is kept by the centralized exchange. So, if you forget your password, you can request that the exchange reset it.

On the decentralized exchange, there isn’t a way to recover your funds if you are scammed. In addition, if you forget your seed phrase since you choose your wallet, you won’t be able to change your password (a random group of words provided to you when opening up your wallet).

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What is the best top decentralized crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is exactly what it says it is: a location to save your cryptocurrency. However, unlike a traditional wallet, you can’t just open a bi-fold to see all of your money organized in one spot. Instead, private keys—lengthy sequences of numbers and letters that stand in for the cryptocurrency you possess on the network of that token—are stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. You can  

receive and transfer cryptocurrency using these private keys, as well as move cryptocurrency between wallets.

November 2022: The best crypto wallets we’ve found

  1. MetaMask: Most effective DeFi software wallet
  2. CoinBase Wallet: Top cryptocurrency wallet for newcomers
  3. ZenGo: Best for new investors who desire premium features

Is Binance decentralized or centralized? – Final Thoughts

It comes down to two considerations when determining which sort of exchange to use: A CEX is your best option if you are primarily concerned with usability and don’t like having complete control over your finances.


A DEX is the best option if fewer fees and full influence over your own money are your top priorities. Whichever route you choose, be sure you understand how to transfer your cryptocurrency from exchange to cold storage to protect your wealth over the long term.


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