Finblock Review – Is Finblock Legit or Scam, Is it safe

Finblock Review - Is Finblock Legit or Scam
Finblock Review - Is Finblock Legit or Scam


Finblock Review – Is Finblock Legit or Scam, Is it safe: FinBlocks is a Financial technology for a new era of finance. finBlocks is a state of the art financial platform for innovative businesses.

They provide secure deposits and payment services automatically for your business via an application interface.


According to finblock, they are a leading technology partner for right thinking businesses, supporting your success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. FinBlocks was built to help you focus on your customers, maximize your operational efficiency, and reduce risk.

Finblock Review - Is Finblock Legit or Scam
Finblock Review – Is Finblock Legit or Scam

Is Finblock safe

Yes, Finblock is safe but mind you this is not a financial advice so you should trade with caution

Finblock financial services is in business to help you achieve the following

Reduce cost

Finblock helps you automate your transactions and keep your clients money safe.

Reduced risk

Finblock helps you reduce your risk through better technology and compliance.

Higher revenue

Finblock helps you generate higher revenue by utilizing automation.

Quicker to market

Finblock helps you gain an operational edge by using our software as a service.

Features of Finblock

  • Finblock features Wallet accounts: You can create individual accounts instantly with FinBlocks. These accounts are called virtual wallets. Each wallet is owned by either a natural user or a legal entity and has its own sort code and account number. The wallet balance and transactions are tracked on a tamper-proof, transparent ledger. This ledger is backed up in real-time; your client balances are accurate second by second.
  • Finblock features Deposits: Depositing funds is also known as ‘pay-ins’. Your users can add a deposit into a wallet via their wallet sort code and account number, unique to each user, or by using an identification reference. Pay-ins can be made into the account through the user’s debit card, or direct debit as an alternative payment method. Payments are cleared into users’ wallets instantly.
  • Finblock features Withdrawals: Withdrawals of funds from wallets, also called ‘pay-outs’, can be made automatically via BACS transfer. After a user has requested a withdrawal, the funds are sent automatically from the wallet to the destination bank account — securely, instantly and in most countries around the world.
  • Finblock features Transfers: Your system can instruct the instant transfer of funds between different wallets. Wallet-to-wallet transfers are recorded on the secure ledger, ensuring all wallet balances are accurate.
  • Finblock features User Identification: Knowing your users is a necessary regulatory obligation. Thorough identification and background checks are conducted for your users. These checks are facilitated using government-issued identification documents and additional personal information about each user, such as their name and date of birth.
  • Finblock features Anti Money Laundering: Your regulatory obligations for anti-money laundering are covered when you use FinBlocks. We run extensive in-house anti-money laundering monitoring, and also conduct enhanced compliance with the support of additional third-party systems to minimize your business’ risk of breaching your regulatory obligations.
  • Finblock features Monitoring: The FinBlocks team will monitor your platform transactions to detect any transactions which could signal criminal or non-compliant activity taking place on your platform. We use a combination of automated system monitoring and human oversight. To help reduce risk across your business, your operational team also has access to these features.

Finblock Review Trust pilot

Finblock seems to be getting a very good review in Trustpilot scoring an average of 4.9/5

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