How to Make money with mara crypto Wallet – Earn $2 sign up bonus when you create an account with mara exchange wallet


Earn $2 sign up bonus when you create an account with mara exchange wallet: Mara wallet is offering new users $ registration bonus which is withdrawable to your local bank app, click here to register  and also join our support on whatsapp


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What is mara crypto / mara coin exchange wallet all  about

Mara is a  crypto wallet app suitable for trading, securing and managing digital assets in Africa. With Mara wallet, you can easily store, buy, sell, send and withdraw your digital assets such as crypto coins if you are a beginner.


Pre-launched in 2022, the Mara crypto exchange platform is for Africans to learn while building digital wealth through blockchain. This is why it focuses on learning cryptocurrency and how to make money from it.


How to get the Mara wallet Referral  Bonus

Below are the required steps to get your Mara crypto $2 referral bonus:

  1. Download the Mara App and Create an Account.
  2. Enter your Email address and verify it
  3. Enter your required personal details
  4. Input Referral code UATFVW.
  5. Verify your phone number
  6. Receive your $2 sign-up bonus in your wallet account

The sign up bonus can only be withdrawn after the launch of the mara wallet

Mara  wallet Refer and Earn

The Mara crypto Refer and Earn gives existing users the opportunity to invite their friends and earn a referral bonus.


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How to become a mara Champion


Mara champion is a program designed to earn more money by promoting the Mara crypto platform to people both physical and online. As a Mara champion, you are to sign up new users to the platform and assist in the area of deposits and withdrawals and other tasks.

Anyone can be a Mara champion as long as you are passionate and can sign up 100 users minimum per month. Whether you own a business or an individual such as a student, blogger, social media influencer or marketer, you are qualified to join and get commissions and other benefits.


Who can apply to become a Mara Champion?

Anyone who is crypto enthusiast, mobile money agent, networker, business owner looking to diversify their business, social media influencer, union, group institution, communities leader, student, youth corper, blogger, etc., can apply to become a Mara Champion. Why don’t you apply today?

Mara startup

MARA is a crypto startup in Africa and it claims to be  building a suite of products that address various crypto-finance needs for the African audience. Its flagship product is a consumer crypto-brokerage app that allows users to buy, send, sell and withdraw fiat and crypto assets. The company is targeting an initial launch in July this year in Kenya and Nigeria, the two countries in which it is headquartered.


is mara crypto  wallet legit 

Mara is a legit crypto wallet backed by Coinbase which is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world and over 10 investor companies are in support of this project. Also, Mara has raised $23 million to seed funds to grow the company.

In addition, Mara crypto wallet is safe as an industry-standard security measure is put in place to secure your transactions on the platform.

is mara crypto wallet a scam

No mara wallet is not a scam but a promising crypto project

is mara wallet paying 

Yes, if you refer up to 30 persons, you can apply for withdrawal and you will get your money right in your bank account

when is mara wallet launching 

Mara launch date have not been announced officially but is speculated that it will happen in the 4th quarter of the year

how can i withdraw from mara wallet


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