Top 16 Crypto Job Websites to Find Remote Jobs

Crypto Job Websites to Find Remote Jobs


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Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used online to secure transactions. Countries or individuals accept it as a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrencies are yet to have a central regulating body. They use a decentralized system to keep records of transactions.


Since Covid-19, most folks have switched to remote jobs, and crypto workers are not left behind. Most professionals in the crypto industry are now seeking job opportunities that will allow them to work remotely. If you are reading this post, you are likely one of them. Thus, we’ll help answer your questions by reviewing some crypto job websites to find remote jobs.

Additionally, if you are reading this and are thinking about changing your career to work in crypto, we also have something for you in this post. That is what we’ll discuss in the following sections. Feel free to use the TOC if you are not in the latter group.

How to Start a Career in Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology could be the answer to a new career if you are in search of one. ​​Blockchain is a new and advancing technology that is popular. It became popular for making it possible to complete transactions online using crypto.

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in 2009. Since then, Blockchain has grown. It is still growing into a great technology. Grasping the attention of multitudes all over the world.

The global crypto market is set to reach a value of almost $4.94 billion by 2023.

Most people mistook Blockchain as being Bitcoin. Consequently, Bitcoin is the tech that introduced the world to blockchain technology for the first time.

Blockchain technology has seen massive growth in providing solutions in this digital era. A desire to switch to a crypto job or Blockchain technology is a good and encouraging one. However, keep in mind that, despite the industry’s demand for manpower, entering the crypto market isn’t easy. You’ll need a good idea of the type of job you want to go for and the skillset to get it. You can get started with the following guides:

  • Be knowledgeable about the popularity of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.
  • Read books on cryptocurrency.
  • Research and familiarize yourself with the latest crypto advancements. Pay attention to the blockchain and the problems it currently solves.
  • Review your skills.
  • Network and connect with industry experts, and lastly,
  • Upgrade your CV with your enhanced skills and apply for jobs.

The list above contains the basics of reinforcing your career in blockchain technology.

Necessary Skills for Working in the Crypto Industry

Before we look at the crypto job websites to find remote jobs, let’s look at the skills needed to land those jobs. Skill is the ability to perform a task with excellence. Or a learned power of doing something competently according to the Merriam-webster dictionary.

Skill is the capacity to perform a particular task efficiently.

As blockchain technology gradually becomes mainstream, cryptocurrency jobs are becoming hotcakes.

These opportunities are trailblazers of technology. They allow successful applicants to build and promote magnificent products of high value.

Blockchain jobs pay significantly more than other non-blockchain jobs. They often afford one the right to hunt for remote positions from anywhere around the world.

Working for cryptocurrency companies can be quite demanding. The jobs require hard work, creativity, dedication, and specialist skills.

There are different types of skills to hone to be efficient and effective in crypto jobs, and they are:

  • Hards skills that can be technical.
  • Soft skills are not technical.

Technical skills

Blockchain is a quirky field. While many skills are transferable, you’ll need to apply them within this new framework. In other cases, you must have blockchain-related expertise. Here are some skills you might find helpful for pursuing a career in cryptocurrency.

Recognition and Understanding of Blockchain: You’ll need sufficient knowledge of blockchain technology. Often, your role will determine the level of expertise needed.

Coding and smart contracts: Blockchain is a technical field. Therefore, the industry needs software (blockchain) developers. Ethereum developer jobs will need smart contract programming skills (Solidity).

Data analysis: The Blockchain records a wealth of information. Thus, if you have a background in data science, you may be eligible for some of the top careers in cryptocurrency.

Security and Cryptography: These skills will always be helpful for any technical blockchain role.

Soft Skills

Aside from these hard skills, soft skills are paramount too. Soft skills are as important for remote jobs as for physical ones. You need them to succeed in any role; be it marketing, content creation, or community management. The following are some soft skills needed to prosper in the crypto ecosystem:
The eagerness, heart of curiosity, and willingness to unlearn to relearn
Blockchain is a burgeoning field. You must be eager to learn every day to stay at the top in the blockchain industry. You’ll need to stay up-to-date with stay abreast with news and innovation.
Collaboration and teamwork: To succeed in the crypto world as an employee, you must learn collaboration. This is because you often get tasks that need collaboration to beat the deadline.
This can be very strenuous and elaborate if you work across different time zones.
Creativity: Whatever your role, you’re welcome to handle it, whether technical or non-technical. There’s a need for creativity to discover new ways to integrate ideas and solve problems.
The ability to critically and creatively think will distinguish your works and role.
Communication: Cryptocurrency jobs require that you work with complex ideas. The ability to explain complex concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand, and compelling way is of value.

Types of Crypto Jobs

There are a lot of options to pick from among jobs in the crypto industry. The job could be remote or in-person, depending role available at the project.

These are some roles to consider as you start:

  • Remote crypto content writer
  • Product manager -crypto and web 3
  • Marketing director
  • Technical writer
  • Manager of merchant acquisition
  • Crypto analyst
  • Performance marketing specialist
  • Senior web3 JavaScript engineer
  • Treasury manager
  • Product owner
  • Growth marketer
  • Head of fraud
  • Customer operations analyst
  • Regional director
  • Lead full-stack engineer
  • Crypto pump signal analyst
  • Business development associate and Manager
  • Freelance crypto writers
  • Programming and coding jobs
  • Financial analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Marketers
  • Traders
  • Journalist
  • Influencers
  • Ambassadors-merchant outreach
  • Customer service representative
  • social media manager and associates etc.

Top 16 Crypto Job Websites to Find Remote Jobs

Freelancers are enjoying the era of rising technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The lockdown during the pandemic in 2020 revealed that with available technology, staff can work from home. This is good because it limits costs for both employers and employees.

We are witnessing a change in the traditional relationship between the employer and the staff.

For many people, the days of taking fiat payments are going extinct.

The listed websites allow you to register either as an employer or a freelancer.

Presently, blockchain-oriented freelancing sites are growing.

The fees on blockchain freelance sites are cheaper than that of traditional freelance sites.

Below is a list of remote job sites you can check and get paid for freelancing jobs in 2022.

The Jobs


BitGigs is a famous Bitcoin freelance job arena with many job listings.

Remote Jobs help provide a job seeker with all kinds of jobs. Their service covers most niches.


RemoteLeads was built to make it easy for remote developers to get a small project without wasting time.


100% remote jobs. The positions listed on the platform are remote jobs and allow you to work from home.

Hired is the biggest AI-driven marketplace. It matches ambitious tech and sales talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Backed by global HR leader, The Adecco Group, Hired combines intelligent job matching with career counseling. This unique combo helps people find jobs they love and reach their full potential.

Angel is one of the top startup communities specializing in remote & local tech talent opportunities. is the ultimate remote work job board for online job seekers and companies hiring.


CryptoJobs is a site for freelance work for many different positions in the Blockchain industry. It is a place to constantly visit for new roles or gigs. This is because it offers many options across career stages, locations, and skills.

This company is an all-remote jobs website. They offer employers and employees a platform to connect for remote jobs in the tech and Blockchain industry.

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is an extensive crypto jobs board. You can find different roles in big companies. One of their outstanding features is their capacity to know how many people applied for each position. You receive an email from Crypto Jobs List when someone at the company you used to is studying your application.


PompCryptoJobs is one of the newest additions to the crypto jobs board space. They have an easy-to-use interface with the latest jobs added appearing first. You’ll get to discover popular companies in the crypto space. They cover many roles. Ranging from engineering, product, design, and marketing to the most popular right now. You can search by preferred jobs using keywords, location, salary range, etc.


Crypto Careers is a great platform to find crypto jobs. They publish new positions daily. Crypto Careers also features positions that are urgent to fill. And this could be helpful for those looking for quicker recruitment.

Crypto Recruit

This is a crypto recruitment company with crypto jobs available for various skills. You’ll find all the information for each bitcoin job. Even the contact information for the recruiter.


BlockAce is a job board to find crypto and blockchains jobs, Interestingly, you can find jobs ranging from becoming a blockchain engineer to a crypto marketer.


Blockew is a blockchain jobs site with multiple options, including remote crypto jobs. You can find crypto and blockchain jobs on Blockew, from Marketing to the development of a design.


Labor is a freelancer blockchain jobs site where you can earn in crypto as a freelancer while companies can pay you with crypto. Labor has various crypto jobs available across experience levels, skills, locations, etc.

Crypto sites for freelancers include the following

  • AnyTask
  • Jobs4Bitcoins
  • Blocklancer
  • Bitfortip
  • Latium

On these platforms, you get paid in crypto for every service you render. You can also look at some other freelance platforms like UpWork or Fiverr. They have many crypto gigs available and crypto-focused freelancers.


An excellent first step into crypto is freelancing. Acquire the skills and hone them to be the best in your role. You can get placement ranging from remote to in-service jobs.

Remote work is currently on the high rise. While working in an incorporated organization has been common for decades, remote work is becoming popular.

Don’t get left behind as the definition of an ideal workplace has undergone a cultural paradigm shift. Remote employment is the in thing now. You can pick from any website above and get yourself a good job.

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