Upcoming blockchain hackathon – Over $50k up for grab

Upcoming blockchain hackathon
Upcoming blockchain hackathon


Welcome to kafy crypto, your number-one crypto news, and Webs marketing agency. In this post, we highlight some upcoming blockchain hackathons you might want to look into.



XRPL hackathon

XRPL – is a decentralized, permissionless, public-source blockchain. Because it’s open-source, everyone can contribute to it, develop it, and transact on it. XRPL is one of the first blockchains to allow the tokenization of assets. Whether it is fungible or non-fungible, XRPL’s built-in tokenization function and built-in DEX are ideal for developers. The Devs can add the decentralized management of tokens to their applications.

The hackathon is open to all developers to build functional NFTs on the XRP Ledger.

XRPL hackathon requirements

Build NFTs that span across a full range of use cases

Functional = programmability

What to Submit:

  • Provide a URL to your code repository for judging and testing. We prefer public, open-source repos. If your repo is private, it must be shared with testing@devpost.com before the deadline.
  • Include a video (about 3 minutes) that explains and demonstrates your project in action. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Video and made public.
  • Optional – Provide a link to their project working on the below platforms:
    • a web app (mobile or desktop)
    • a mobile device (APK or TestFlight)

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XDC DeFi Hackathon

The XinFin XDC Network is back with another hackathon to help you build and launch your next blockchain project.

XinFin XDC Network is an enterprise-ready, open-source, hybrid blockchain for global trade.

In this hackathon, you’ll learn the capabilities of XDC and build your dream Dex or DeFi project on the XDC Network. Expand your knowledge of blockchain, get a shot at some great prizes and grow your Project with the XDC Community

XDC Hackathon  Prices 

  • $22,500 in the Dex Track
  • $14,000 in the DeFi (Stablecoin backed by XDC) Track
  • $10,000 in the Ported dApp Track
  • $1,000 to 5 Honorable Mentions
  • $1,750 across Developer Forum MVPs
  • $2,000 for the Globiance Launchpad

To register click here

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Web3 Stack Hack

Oort and Storj invite builders to migrate their apps from Web2 to Web3 or create new creative Web3 applications. We’re looking for those passionate about using distributed solutions to build, launch, and deploy dApp. Builders are incentivized to build applications using Oort for any blockchain use cases and Storj as the underlying cloud object storage.

Distributed technology has seen exponential interest in recent years. Most of the infrastructure is still running and maintained on public clouds. This hackathon is great for developers passionate about furthering the migration of Web2 to Web3.

Get Started With Web3 Stack Blockchain Hackathon

To ensure the best success and support during this hackathon, be sure to complete all tasks below:

Join our Communication Channel: Web3 Stack Hack Telegram

Getting started with Oort and DSS:

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After three successful NEAR HACKS in Miami, Austin, and New York City our next stop is San Francisco! We encourage developers from varying backgrounds & skill sets to register and attend, especially those with knowledge of Rust, Solidity, JavaScript, and ReactJS.

From this event, attendees can expect the following:

  • An introductory workshop covering all the basics to help you get started on NEAR including a keynote from Alex Skidnov, co-founder of NEAR Protocol.
  • Office hours with NEAR-native builders and Web3 educators for 1:1 support and advice for your project
  • Educational and informative workshops from domain experts in Web3 spanning key areas of interest including key management, social recovery, privacy, and real-world applications.
  • A venue with good WiFi, consistent power, many workstations, and lots of food!

Join the NEAR SF Telegram to stay up to date and say hello to prospective teammates!

For more about NEAR HACKS, check out our website.

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