Crypto Coin Crusher Review – is it Legit?

Crypto Coin Crusher REview


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My Crypto Coin Crusher review is here!

This article I prepared today is specifically for you. Especially if you want to determine whether Crypto Coin Crusher is legit or a scam.

Before we begin, let me first say that I am not an affiliate or representative for Crypto Coin Crusher. I do not promote their products or upsells.

This is a sincere review of the product. In this post, we will examine the company’s ability to deliver on its promise. And if it will do so in the upcoming video sales presentation.

Let’s get started without further delay.

Who is Behind Crypto Coin Crusher?

Paul Scott, a Philly native, is the person they are posing as its founder. But that’s not all.

We hear only his voice and have no background information or picture or even video proof that he is the one. This makes the business very suspecting.

Crypto Coin Crusher may also be a rebranding of an existing cryptocurrency program. A program launched sometime in 2018 had a similar name.

The program’s operation is identical to the domain name. They only changed the domain suffix from “.com” to “.co.” The domain is currently up for sale, by the way.

They also changed the logo and name of the bogus founder, from Alex Riles to Paul Scott.

There’s also a testimonial by a person mentioning Crypto Coin Sniper, a failed crypto project.

Fraudulent schemes have been known to change parts of their operations due to bad reputations.

They do this to remove negative reviews. The scheme works pretty much the same.

If you are still curious about the scheme, let’s continue my Crypto Coin Crusher review to learn more about it.

What is the Crypto Coin Crusher?

Crypto Coin Crusher is a software program that provides trading signals. Crypto Coin Crusher is a bit different from traditional trading markets. The difference lies in the fact that it uses cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

Participating in the trading game requires a level of confidence. You will need to have the skills and experience necessary to succeed in cryptocurrency markets.

Before you invest in the market, you need to consider several things. These are the reasons why it is so.

  • In general, cryptocurrency does not have any regulatory status from financial institutions
  • Because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, it is extremely risky. There will be sudden drops in market value that could lead to losses.
  • Despite the risks involved, cryptocurrency’s value is still very high. Prices are usually determined by partnerships or endorsements with celebrities.

The cryptocurrency market isn’t a fraud or a scam. but it is a growing industry that needs knowledge and experience to be successful.

The industry is rapidly becoming more popular. The flies are gathering, and many dishonest investors are taking advantage. It is important to verify the background of any investment opportunity.

Cryptocurrency Coin Crusher is a scam. In the next sections, I will explain why this program is a scam.

What is the cost of the software?

Registration for the Coin Crusher software costs $37

Please don’t get too excited, no matter how cheap it might seem.

After you have paid for the cost of your program, you will need to make an initial investment of at least $250.

Another key info is that the amount of your investment will affect how much you receive in dividends. You will need to invest more to make a significant income.

Cryptocurrency trading is legal. However, Crypto Coin Crusher’s business model is so questionable. I wouldn’t trust them with my money.

There are many legitimate cryptocurrency trading and investing platforms. Coinbase and eToro are just a few examples.

Crypto trading is risky, and you could lose your money, especially if the skill or knowledge is not there.

Is Crypto Coin Crusher a scam? Some Red Flags!

My humble opinion is that Crypto Coin Crusher is a scam. These are the red flags that you should be aware of:


This program claims that you won’t need any trading experience. But that is a false claim!

It is possible to make a lot of money trading cryptocurrency. However, I have stressed that making big money trading cryptocurrency is possible. You need the knowledge and skills to manage a profitable trading business.

It would help if you also put in the effort and time to learn. It is impossible to generate an income from your investment without studying.

Fake Creators

The unwillingness of the promoters to reveal the owners is a sign that the operation is fraudulent. Paul Scott is bogus from Philly!

First, he is a freelance voice actor. There are no credentials, making it difficult to verify the speaker’s credibility.

The absurd background story afflicted me. It is fabricated.

The story’s format is one I have heard before. They shared their miserable lives and met someone who changed them in a flash.

This person is allegedly able to unlock a secret that no one else knows. You would be surprised to learn that the secret they are revealing isn’t a secret at ALL! Everything is clickbait.

Modeling failed programs

As mentioned, Crypto Coin Crusher is a revamp of failed crypto investment opportunities. Crypto Coin Sniper.

Fake Scarcity

He claims the software is classified and could be downloaded in as little as two days or even 10 minutes. They’re still in operation, however, for at least four months!

These statements create false scarcity to convince folks that the program is in high demand.

Are there any positive aspects to the program?

None! Nothing positive I found about Crypto Coin Crusher.

Even though it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, Crypto Coin Crusher is still a waste of time.

As I mentioned, you should avoid this program and use your money to invest in a legitimate business.

Final Thoughts: Crypto Coin Crusher Review

I trust that my Crypto Coin Crusher review will have helped you understand the subject. And revealed why one should avoid this program.

The program is a fraud and has many red flags making it untrustworthy.

NOTE: The guidelines shown in this article are strictly for educational purposes. They are not intended to provide any form of financial, investment, or legal advice.

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