How to Move Crypto From Coinbase to Ledger Wallet


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Do you understand how to move coins from Coinbase to Ledger wallet?

Both the Ledger Nano S and Nano X are hardware wallets that can be used to store your cryptocurrency safely.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that, like most exchanges, allows you to store your assets either online or offline in your hardware wallet.

How To Transfer Coins From Coinbase to Ledger Nano X or S

You must first be able to set up your device before learning how to transfer coins from Coinbase to Ledger wallet Nano S or X.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you download the correct software.

1. Plug Your Ledger In

  • Open the Ledger Live App and Put Your Password In

If you have already installed and downloaded the software for your Ledger device, this should be a relatively simple step.

ledger wallet


  • Choose the receiver option from the menu on your left, and a Funds Receipt Screen will appear.

This pop-up window will provide you with instructions for receiving your funds.

ledger wallet

  • Choose the Account that You Want to Credit

This decision will include selecting the account from which you want to transfer your digital assets and which cryptocurrency you want to move to the device.

When you’re finished with this step, click ‘continue.’

  • Open the Correct App on Your Ledger Device

Your ledger device includes apps for receiving various cryptocurrencies.

SimpEnsure uses the correct app for the coin you wish to transfer.

These apps should be installed automatically when you first set up your device.

Your Live Ledge program will ensure that the Ledger device is connected to your computer and that you have selected the correct app based on the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer.

When you’re finished, go to your computer and click the ‘continue’ button

  • Select ‘Continue’ when You Get Prompted with ‘verify Address on Device.’

ledger wallet

  • Confirm that The Address Matches Up

You must perform this step manually to ensure that the address of your online wallet matches the address of your device. If they are identical, select the button to the right of your Ledger device.

  • Ledger Will Confirm

If you do everything correctly, your computer application will confirm it. To copy the address, click the ‘copy’ button.

ledger wallet

  • Log into Coinbase

Once you’ve configured your device and it’s ready to receive funds, you can log into your Coinbase account and send your cryptocurrency.

2. Select ‘accounts’ from your Dashboard.

When you find your Coinbase dashboard, select ‘accounts’ to access your online wallets created through the exchange.

3. Select a Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase will offer wallets for various cryptocurrencies. Because we are moving Bitcoin, you will need to select a wallet to store your Bitcoin.

It should be associated with the small Bitcoin icon. After that, click the send button to the right of the wallet.

4. Enter Your Ledger Address

Because your Ledger is a cold, offline wallet, you must enter the unique address that came with it.

Put this in the recipient’s box, and then enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to transfer in the text box.

You can also include a note reminding you to keep a transition record.

Choose ‘Continue.’

5. Done

This is how you get your Bitcoin cryptocurrency from Coinbase to your Ledger.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Why Move Coins from Coinbase?

Cold wallets are much safer for storing your cryptocurrency because they are offline, making them nearly impossible to hack.

The problem with online wallets is that there is always the risk of a security breach.

Whatever exchange claims to be safe, the best two options for storing your cryptocurrency coins are a hardware wallet or a paper wallet.

If you frequently trade your cryptocurrency coins, a paper wallet will be too inconvenient, which is why a hard wallet is ideal.

I Can’t See My Coins in The Ledger. Where Are They?

The rate at which your cryptocurrency will be transferred from Coinbase is determined by the capacity of the Bitcoin blockchain to process transactions.

This implies that it may take some time. The good news is that Coinbase allows you to track the progress of your cryptocurrency.

When you click the ‘view transaction’ link, you will be taken to a block explorer where you can view a block in progress.

What Does ‘transaction pending’ Mean?

The Bitcoin blockchain is not instant, which means that your transaction will be processed in a block or batch.

The average block takes about 10 minutes to process, and you can choose ‘block transaction’ to see when your transaction is confirmed.

What Does ‘confirming’ Mean?

The Ledger’s status is awaiting confirmation, and as soon as it receives confirmation, its status will change from ‘pending’ to ‘confirming.’

What Does ‘confirmed’ Mean?

When you see the message ‘confirmed,’ it means that the block containing the transaction in which your cryptocurrency was transferred from Coinbase to your Ledger device has been added to the blockchain, and two more blocks are being added.

The average time for confirming one block is approximately 10 minutes, and the transaction will be marked as confirmed by the Ledger live website in approximately 30 minutes.

Is Ledger Live a Wallet?

It is a hardware wallet, which means that the device is a wallet in and of itself, and all of your cryptocurrency assets will be stored offline in the cold wallet.

Can You Sell from Ledger Live?

Yes, you can sell your cryptocurrency assets directly from your Ledger live, eliminating the need to transfer them to another exchange.

Can You Sell from Ledger Live?

Yes, you can sell your cryptocurrency assets directly from your Ledger live, eliminating the need to transfer them to another exchange.

Can I Purchase on Ledger Live?

Yes, you can buy, sell, and swap your cryptocurrency assets in the same way that you would on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Do I Have Ownership of My Bitcoin on Coinbase?

Everything in your Coinbase wallet belongs to you.

Should I Store My Bitcoin in Coinbase or In a Coinbase Wallet?

You should unquestionably keep your Bitcoin in a Coinbase wallet. It is completely free to use.

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