Prime Ape Planet NFT: Why You Should Get This Nft

Prime Ape Planet NFT : Why You Should Get This Nft
Prime Ape Planet NFT : Why You Should Get This Nft


Prime Ape Planet NFT Project: The Metaverse and Blockchain technology has aided the advancements of NFTs. Nfts in case you are not familiar with them refers to Non fungible tokens. And the lastest drop or version of these tokens, is the Prime Ape Planet NFT. 


Gradually, these NFTs are moving from not just mere digital assets but have now advance to a stage where these NFTs come with practical and real life usage and utilities and applications. 


Content outline

  • Prime Ape Planet NFT Explained
  • The Prime Apes Planet NFT
  • Prime Ape NFT Project Price
  • The Prime Kong Planet NFT
  • Prime Kong NFT Project Price(PKP)
  • The Infected Apes; The Poisoned Bananas
  • Prime Ape Planet NFT Project Utility
  • Prime Ape Planet Roadmap
  • Is Prime Ape Planet NFT Project a good one?


 Prime Ape Planet NFT Explained

The Prime Ape Planet Ecosystem is a strategic community of three different Apes. 


The Prime Ape Planet (PAP) 

The Prime Kong Planet (PKP) and 

The infected Apes (The Poisoned Bananas.).


The Prime Apes Planet NFT


The Prime Apes are a different Primus Ethereum mammals. Before the Prime Apes evolution, there were many other apes which were mostly chimpanzees. These chimpanzees had no real form in the Metaverse. They could not function in the Metaverse


However, the Prime Apes have a 3d form with adaptive power which enables them to survive and carry out life function in the Metaverse.


Over 84 million USD and 29.3k Ethereum worth of these Prime Ape Planet Project have been traded. 


On Discord they have over 400k followers. 


Prime Ape NFT Project Price

The Prime Ape Planet NFT is designed by the artist Kurtis Dawe who has decided to use his skills and experience to bring a high-value project to NFT space.


There are over 8000 Prime Ape nfts with a floor price of 0.225 ETH with 4.8K owners presently. And a total volume of 29.6K.

The Prime Ape Planet NFT


The Prime Kong are the bigger and stronger versions of the Prime Ape Planet, there are the brothers of the Prime Apes. They are seen as the most powerful creature in the Ape Kingdom


They are known for their high intelligence, calm character and powerful physique. These attributes makes them the defender of the Metaverse. 

Prime Kong NFT Project Price(PKP)

The Prime Kong Planet (PKP) NFT is a special collection of 9.797 Kong NFTs, These Kong NFTs live together on the Ethereum Blockchain


All the Prime Kong NFT was drawn by Kurtis Dawe using the hand. Kurtis Dawe is a famous artist who has worked on various Disney, Marvel and MGM projects ranging from Godzilla, The Lion King, and many more.


The floor price of Prime Kong NFT is 0.088 with 5.2K owners presently with a total volume of 5.0K and a Mint price of 0.25 ETH. 


The Infected Apes; The Poisoned Bananas


Poisoned Bananas are like gems that make these Prime Apes become more unique and rare. 


At some point in time as a Prime holder, you will be gifted a free Nft of Poisoned Banana. These bananas are of three stages. The level 1, level 2 and level 3. Every prime Ape holder has eyes for the last level, which is level 3.


This is so because at this level, level 3 precisely, your Prime Ape or rather Infected Ape becomes very very rare. This will cause a rise in the worth or price of your Prime NFT (PAP, PKP). 


The Poisoned Bananas infects the Prime Apes and makes them unique. This uniqueness gives this NFTs a whole lot of utilities as their price will go up extraordinarily.


The Poisoned Bananas was launched in the 25th of March 2022. The PAP NFT Project developers have also planned to do a collaboration with the Fashion brand to provide them with the needed fashion design for these NFTs


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Prime Ape Planet NFT Project Utility

When it comes to nfts these days, it is not a new thing now that people want nfts not just for having them for fun and belongings to a society or community that is quiet unconventional.


Nfts are being sought after in recent days now mostly for the utilities they provide.


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Prime Ape Planet NFT Project has a stock of utilities and real life application it hopes to provide and make available. 


Prime Ape Planet NFT Project aim to provide Prime Holders with as much value as it can. To achieve this, the developers have detailed line of action to infuse the project with real-world and practical applications and use cases in the earnest.


Some of which includes: a good access to exclusive deals, making room for promotional opportunities, and opportunity to attend events and activities in various high-end locations all over the world by simply displaying any of the Prime Ape Planet NFT in their wallet.

This token (Prime NFT) comes with many benefits and uses such as the purchase of merchandise, a whitelist spots for the incoming Blue Chip Projects, Prime Ape Planet Play-to-earn Games, voting right on major decisions in Prime DAO and also liquidity cash back by swapping to ETH 


Prime Ape Planet Roadmap

The project developers deem it fit to create a balanced Prime Ecosystem, an Ecosystem with numerous use cases and benefits that appeals to every single individual. 


This enables a longstanding circular economy which is sustainable for all Prime holders to give and receive. 

These utilities are available through the Prime Holders-only platform. This exclusive Prime Holders-only platform has received huge support from the community members through the influx of votes in its favour. 


One of the strategy and plan is the release of a Prime Ape merchandise different from the conventional nft merchandise. 


An easy way to go about this is is to open an online shop that employs the basic “Print on Demand” concept. 


However, it intend to give buyers the same quality they are accustomed to since the launch of Prime NFTs. This is a new dimension. The Prime Ape Planet Merchandise is only accessible to holders via holders-only platform.


Is Prime Ape Planet NFT Project a good one?


A good number of people who have not had or bought nfts before, made this their first nft purchase. A whole lot if people are very bullish on this project. It seem good and so far, are not bad.

But you will have to do your own research and decide if it’s a risk you are willing to take. 


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