Claypez nft: Is claypez nft worth buying now?

Claypez nft: Is claypez nft worth buying now?
Claypez nft: Is claypez nft worth buying now?


Claypez nft: Is claypez nft worth buying now:  have really taken over crypto, digital space or Metaverse and it seems to be a very big project that many have ventured into. The latest project we have on board today is the Claypez NFT Project! 


You can be sure to read on till the end If investing in nfts and making money through this nfts are something you might want to consider, as a whole lot of people have become millionaires through these NFT Projects. Is this Claypez NFT worth buying?




  • What is Claypez nft?
  • How to mint a Claypez
  • How to Get Claypez NFT Whitelist spot
  • Benefits of Getting a Whitelist Spot of Claypez NFT Project
  • Which wallet can I use for Claypez NFT Project
  • Roadmap and utility 
  • Founders of Claypez NFT
  • Is Claypez a good nft project to buy now
  • Where can I buy a Claypez NFT (Marketplace)

What is Claypez NFT?


Claypez are simply Clay Apes with utility. They are from a family of 6000 hand made and specially generated Clay apes that come with additional utility which are stored on the Cardano Blockchain. Claypez NFT Project was formed from a combination of two things, basically clay and apes. 


If you are new to the crypto space or just hearing about NFTs for the first time, here is what an nft means – Nfts are non fungible tokens. There are digital assets that are bought and sold online and store data on blockchain which allows for veritable ownership of assets.


They sell for a high amount of money. I know that might sound crazy to you especially if you are new to the crypto space but that’s reality. 


How to mint a Claypez

To mint a Claypez NFT, all you need to do is, go to their website on a minting day, then send 70 ADA for just one Claypez NFT to the wallet address of Claypez. This address is visible on their website especially on the mint days. 




How to Get Claypez NFT Whitelist spot


Just like for every other nfts, Same applies to Claypez NFT Project, To get whitelisted, you must be active in their community, especially on Discord, support them on social media, Twitter especially. Try as much as possible to interact and converse with other people in the community. 


Claypez NFT Project has a total of 1350 whitelist spots available. You really do not need to do much other than to relate and be active on their different online platforms since every spot is handpicked.


Claypez NFT Project sometimes hosts funny games on discord and also do giveaways. This giveaway gives you access to get a Whitelist spot of Claypez NFT.


Benefits of Getting a Whitelist Spot of Claypez NFT Project


One of the benefits of Getting a Whitelist Spot just like for every other nfts in the NFT space is that, when you get whitelisted,or a Whitelist Spot, you can be able to access the minting portal one hour earlier and mint your Claypez NFT even before the public get access and start minting.


Also see: how to get nft whitelist; a step by step guide


Which wallet can I use for Claypez NFT Project


Claypez NFT does not use every wallet, especially exchange wallets. The best wallets that are acceptable for use in Claypez NFT are Ada lite, Yoroi, Nami or Daedalus. These are a list of recommended wallets you can use.


Claypez nft: Roadmap and utility

  1. They are airdrops for lucky Claype holders
  2. Clay collab collections
  3. Launchpad through raffle whitelist spot.


Founders of Claypez NFT


Eren also called Claype-Man and Ersin also known as Claysin are the developers and founders of Claypez NFT Project. Eren is the community manager and also the project developer. While his brother Ersin is the artist behind the Claypez NFT Project.


What are the benefits for holding Claypez NFT


Lucky holders get animated airdrops though there are limited Clay collab drops with well-known projects. There is also a launchpad for raffles and white spots from the most hyped project among the Claypez holders. 


Is claypez nft worth buying now?


Quite a number of people are bullish on the Claypez NFT Project. And there seem to be genuine in the benefits they hope to give holders. Before you consider buying this project, you can check out their website and check them out as well, and see if this project is something you would like to consider. 

Also note that Claypez is a long term project and you stand to gain more by holding on to it for the long term. 


Where can I buy a Claypez NFT (Marketplace)


These Claypez NFTs are built on the Cardano Blockchain. The Jpeg store is a good place. It is a Cardano marketplace for all Cardano NFTs. You can check this marketplace out if you want to buy one. 


I hope you got value from this post. Thanks so much for reading


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