World Crypto Life Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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Welcome to Kafycrypto, your number-one crypto news, and web marketing agency. This is a World Crypto Life review, and in today’s article, we will discuss the legitimacy of World Crypto Life.




A lot is happening in the arena of cryptocurrency investment. Like any other investment setup, there is a tendency for fraudulent activities. The financial character of cryptocurrency attracts fraudulent behavior.

In this review, you will learn about the origin of the World Crypto Life company. We will discuss the company’s offer and know if they are worth your investment. Then, we’ll probe the allegations that the company is either an MLM system or a Ponzi scheme.

if the aforementioned points are of any interest to you, then continue reading.

World Crypto Life Review: What is world crypto Life?

World Crypto Life is an online business. It serves its users by combining the benefits of two industries. They are also part of the booming industry of digital currency.

The company claims to be forward-thinking. Combining innovation, inspiration, and teamwork to provide competitive products and services. They offer a Global point (Gpoint) Market for people’s everyday needs. And this market is accessible by users worldwide.

World Crypto Life has a token known as IMC. It also has a Blockchain exchange to maximize the opportunities of its members. The exchange also helps the project increase visibility in the digital space.

According to the company, its mission is to improve the financial lives of the public.

World Crypto Life Review: Who owns World Crypto Life?

World Crypto Life has no information about who owns the company or the admin behind the platform on its website. The domain, was first created in July 2020 while the private registration was last updated in July 2021.

Further research revealed Francis Yoon as the CEO of the company and the one behind the company. Yoon’s Social Media account reveals that he hails from California USA. He also describes himself as the CEO of world crypto Life in his LinkedIn account which he later deleted for some reason.

Yoon is described as the owner of one Multi-Level Marketing Ponzi Scheme called Epika Global. Epika Global is now an abandoned venture with no executives – failed project.

Further Research also shows Chris Principe, to be the COO of World Crypto Life. The bad news about Chris is that he promoted several crypto scams like Onecoin.

He praised and showed his support for this reported scam coin. He proclaimed that the technology used in the Onecoin blockchain was impressive. He also praised the founder of Onecoin, Ruga Ignatova, who is now on the run for his foresight ideas on the global economy.

This scam coin known as Onecoin is said to have collapsed in early 2017 making investors lose billions of dollars. The founder Ruga Ignatova and several executives are facing criminal charges in the US.

After Onecoin collapsed, Principe sealed a PR deal with Russian Ponzi Scheme Skyway Capital. But the deal didn’t last because Skyway backed out of the deal because of Principe’s involvement with Onecoin

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World Crypto Life Review: World Crypto Life Product and Services

World Crypto Life does not have any retail products or services. The only way you can invest with them is by using their token which has no guarantee of generating income.

World crypto Life investment and compensation plan

World Crypto Life affiliates invest in IMC and IMEX shares with the hope of earning more than what they had invested. New investors are kept for a minimum of six months to enable them to cash out subsequently invested funds.

The company makes sure to release the amount you invested in the company’s crypto token at the rate of 10% every month. They count these Invested funds at 80% for commissions and bonuses calculation.

World Crypto Life also runs an MLM structure where recruitment is the core lifesaver of the company. This means that as an affiliate investor, you are paid based on the recruitment of new affiliates.  

The company buys its affiliate’s package and markets the affiliate membership itself. 

Investors invest in IMC tokens and IMEX shares with hopes of selling them later to get higher returns. It is important to note that the company is asking its users to invest money in something. Affiliates are told to recruit new investors into the MLM scheme with a table or even an affiliate link. They are also encouraged to be more productive as this leads to higher ranks with more profit generation for the company.

Take into account that World Crypto Life pays all commission and bonuses as 70% Gpoint (Global points) and 30% in unlocked IMC tokens.

Below are World Crypto Life’s six(6) affiliate packages and investment plan:

  1. Member Package: You fund with $100 and receive $100 worth of IMC
  2. Elite Member Package: You invest $500 and receive $500 worth of IMC
  3. VIP Member Package: You invest $2000 and receive $2000 worth of IMC
  4. IMEX5 Package: You invest $5000 and receive $2500 worth of IMC and 5000 IMEX shares.
  5. IMEX10 Package: You fund with $10000 and receive $5000 worth of IMC and 10,000 IMEX shares.
  6. IMEX25 Package: You fund with $25000 and receive $12500 worth of IMC and 25,000 IMEX shares.

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World Crypto Life Affiliate Rank

World Crypto Life compensates its users with five affiliate ranks and qualifications. Apart from the bonuses obtained from the affiliate ranks, they also offer a recruitment commission. However, it is difficult to qualify for these commissions due to extreme criteria. You have to work continuously to generate high profits for the company to qualify for such.
Below are the 5 affiliate ranks:
  1. The user receives a 1 Star rank when they sign up or upgrade to the Elite Member Tier or higher. In return, they make $2000 in accumulated weaker binary side volume.
  2. The user receives 2 Star rank when they sign up or upgrade to the VIP tier or higher. In turn, you make $10,000 in accumulated weaker binary team side volume.
  3. The user receives 3 Star rank when you sign or upgrade to IMEX5 tier or higher. And in turn, make $100,000 in accumulated weaker binary team side volume.
  4. The user receives 4 Star rank when you sign or upgrade to the IMEX10 tier or higher. After which they can make $500, 000 in accumulated weaker binary team side volume.
  5. 5 Star rank goes to the user when they sign up or upgrade to the IMEX25 tier. And in return, they make $1,000000 in accumulated weaker binary team side volume.

World Crypto Life Recruitment Commission

World Crypto Life pays recruitment commissions through a Unilevel compensation structure. This structure places an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team. With this system, every affiliate comes directly under its recruiter. This phase is called the level 1 phase.

When level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are assigned to the original affiliate’s uni-level team at level 2. When level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are assigned to level 3, and this goes forth indefinitely.

Take note that for World Crypto Life, recruitment is limited to six uni-level teams.

The amount invested by an affiliate determines the level of recruitment commissions earned. Below is the breakdown of the commission received:

  • When you invest at the member tier, you will receive 10% on level 1 (Personally recruited).
  • When you invest in the Elite member tier, you will receive 10% on level 1 and 5% on level 2.
  • When you invest in the VIP member tier, you will receive 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, and 4% on level 3.
  • When you invest at the IMEX5 tier, you will receive 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, and 3% on level 4.
  • When you invest at the IMEX10 tier, you will receive 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, 3% on level 4, and 2% on level 5.
  • When you invest at the IMEX25 tier, you will receive 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, 3% on level 4, 2% on level 5, and 1% on level 6.

Features of World Crypto Life

World Crypto Life claims to have features to persuade people of its legitimacy and attract investment.

One of the features is the Global Platform. They claim that the global crypto platform is serving a large number of users in the world. In order words, they are telling users to invest in the company and make huge profits from anywhere in the world.

Recall that earlier in this World Crypto Life review, I stated that the company did not provide any reliable information. And that the company’s website has no contact address. This means that their claim to serve users globally is somewhat untrue.

World Crypto Life IMC token

World Crypto Life uses IMC tokens for transactions. However, the IMC crypto token cannot be used outside the world of Crypto Life and it does not add any value to reliable crypto exchanges. This shows that if you get profits through affiliate membership, there is a possibility that you may not be able to cash them.

The company may only be using these tokens to give users insignificant profits. You should always exercise caution when investing in such companies because there is a high risk of losing your money. 


World Crypto Life seems not to be the best crypto company to invest in because of the following reasons below

  1.  The origin of the company is not clear, more so the founders of the company are affiliated with several Ponzi schemes.
  2. World crypto Life income depends on new investment from new recruiters, this means the company can close if there is no new investor.
  3. The company uses IMC tokens which are useless outside World Crypto Life. As an affiliate, you could lose your investment as you might not be able to withdraw your profit. The company may be using the tokens to keep users who in turn work hard to recruit more people.
  4. This business model is inefficient because you will have to spend a lot of time and energy recruiting more people to make a profit. Ultimately, the company will collapse due to a lack of recruitment, making you lose all your investment.
  5. World Crypto Life gives the impression that they are legally registered and working with Wyoming, the most friendly crypto state in America. This is all a ruse because they are not cooperating with Wyoming state officials. Moreover, the company has no proof to back up this claim.

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