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Welcome to Kafycrypto, your number-one crypto news, and Webs marketing agency. In today’s article, we are going to reveal to you Top crypto job listing sites


With the growth of the cryptocurrency industry and expansion into many sub-niches and sub ecoscrypto positionsystems like Web3, Nft, Defi, Play to earn amongst others. The need for project developers to bring in more professionals in other to make their project stand out amidst the noise keeps increasing and this leads to high demand for crypto related jobs and  careers



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We are going to be showing you some job listing sites to help you get employment opportunities for your career in cryptocurrency. So if you are looking for  how  to  get a crypto Job, this site should be your go-to place, create an account with them, join their newsletters and turn on your notifications 

1:  Crypto  Jobs

Cyyptojobs is a website for finding blockchain-related jobs, CryptoJobs is a community of over 20,000 crypto Jobs seekers.  The website is extremely user-friendly, with plenty of jobs posted frequently (at the time of writing there are 2000 blockchain jobs on their site). It’s free to post a job opportunity, and you can feature a post for $199, having it mentioned in the newsletter and tweeted on #GetCryptoJobs.

 2: Crypto Jobs List  calls itself the no 1  job board for blockchain-related jobs, with the different categories/specialties section, is easier to filter down to a particular niche.  It also tells you how many persons have viewed and applied for the job to avoid you applying for jobs with over 60 applications. Lastly, you can easily filter down to only remote positions. 

3: Cryptocurrency Jobs makes it easy to connect with startups using blockchain technology.  It has a very unique and easy design that makes it easy to search for different niches (e.g. marketing, finance, engineering, design), and it’s also easy to filter for remote jobs only. Posting a job on their website costs $199, and includes being shared on Twitter 6 times as well as being included in job alert emails. 60,000+ monthly job views. 

4: Coinality 

Coinality is a web3 job board that posts positions paying in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. If you’re looking to earn fiat currency, this isn’t the website for you, but jobs range from one-offs to full-time positions. The website itself isn’t as pretty or intuitive as some of the others, but it does the job. You can also browse through resumes to find a candidate for a position if you’re looking to hire.

5: Work In Crypto

Workincrypto is a curated list of featured roles in the blockchain industry. The website sends out a weekly email with the latest job opportunities. It’s easy to look through different job categories, and the website is extremely clean and simple. Almost too clean!

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6: Crypto Job

Crypto Job is a recruitment platform for  blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. And also a freelance site, Crypto Job has a number of positions available for different companies. The job board itself doesn’t offer much information and you have to click through to get more info on a role (like location and pay).

7: Crypto Recruit 

Crypto Recruit is a specialized recruitment company that focuses on hiring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. If you’re looking for someone to do all the work for you, here it is. It’s easy to browse the latest positions in different specializations and locations, and the website also allows you to view candidates if you’re hiring. 

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8: Indeed

Indeed is an extremely popular job board that posts all kinds of roles, but has a dedicated section for Crypto-related positions. It works the same as most other general job boards, and compared to the other job sites is a little clunky and messy to look at. There aren’t many roles posted either but could be worthwhile to find that job that’s not on any other website.

9: LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a professional social media network that connects Job seekers to CEOs and major key individuals in a company but is now used also for job posting, also it provides every feature that job boards provide. You can filter down to both Locations etc 

10: Seek

Yes, it’s Seek, a general job board, but it’s still well worth the look! The thing is, no one else is really looking for crypto jobs on Seek, are they? Having a search for ‘crypto’ on Seek brings up a few different positions, mostly in related industries, but still is worth a look (or at least a sign-up to a Job Alert).

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