Bear Game NFT: Is Bear Game NFT A Good Investment?

Bear Game NFT: Is Bear Game NFT A Good Investment?
Bear Game NFT: Is Bear Game NFT A Good Investment?


Bear Game NFT: Is Bear Game NFT A Good Investment? Nfts and DeFi are reshaping how the world thinks and her value exchange system notable with the crypto world and Metaverse today.


Almost every day in the crypto and Metaverse space there are  tons of nft drop lists. Like no month passes without the news of a new nft Project on board. Bear Game Nft project is one of the projects that came into the Play To Earn in game platforms.


Play To Earn Games are nft and crypto games that you can earn money simply by just playing these games. There are a whole lot of these games available today ranging from axie infinity, Sandbox, Lucky block, Splinterland etc. Bear Game is just one out of these many games. 


But in our post today, we will be looking into the Bear Game Nft. 


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What is the Bear Game Nft project all about?

This is a game between the Bears and fishermen. The Fishermen and the  bears compete in the meta-prairies for the charming prize of $TROUT, also called $Salmon. 

Bear Game 

About ten thousand bears and forty thousand fisherman take part in the meta-prairies. This is a competition for a tempting prize of $TROUT for the winner.

This competition comes with the danger of the two participants , the fishermen and the bear, competing or fighting their way to victory or death.


By participating in the game, the Play to earn game or better still, the bear game, it  provides access and utility to NFT holders through the Ethereum Blockchain. 1 $TROUT is the same as 1 $TROUT. 


$TROUT has no other function outside the TROUT Game ecosystem, and it cannot be bought from The Developers of the Bear Game. The holder’s amount on Opensea is not accurate due to the fact that many NFTs are staked for gameplay.


What Is Nft Staking?

Staking is the way cryptocurrencies transaction are verified and participants are allowed to earn rewards on their cryptocurrencies.


NFT staking simply means closing up non-fungible tokens(NFTs) on a protocol or platform in order to get staking rewards and benefits. The act of Staking NFTs enables holders to earn income from their collection as they maintain ownership. In the crypto and Metaverse world, NFTs are trending.


There are over 10,500 thousand bear game nfts available for sale in the OpenSea. With a floor of 0.0001 ETH and just 940 owners on OpenSea. With a total volume of 2.6k ETH (two thousand, six hundred ETH)

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Storyline of Bear Game Nft


On a fertile grassland in the deep meta-prairies, is located a small village of fisherman gathered together around an amazing and beautiful deep river for the sole purpose of fishing Salmon also called $TROUT.


The high abundance of $TROUT, a freshwater fish of the Salmon family in the river attracts fishermen to the village.


Still, this isn’t without peril; this rich, bountiful river attracts not only fishers but creatures of all kinds, including heinous bears! 


 The bears are on a quest to find all the fishers and their precious succulent$ TROUT! 

 They will acquire it by any means necessary! 


 To fight these aggressive attacks, the fishermen  decided to start offering a small portion of their composed$ TROUT to the bears. 


 Although, when a fisher erratically moves down from the river alone, or when a new baby is born into the family of the fishermen, the bears all lose control. 


The bears don’t hold back and there’s no way to repress them! A war. Survival of the fittest.


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Number Of Bear Game Nft

There will only ever be Gen X, formed for 0.069420 ETH each. The Gen Y are formed only by minting $ TROUT. 


Fishermen can also be staked on the beautiful river to earn $ TROUT and pay a duty anytime they intend to claim their $Salmon or $ TROUT. 

 Nevertheless, the Bears try as much as possible to steal all of the accumulated $Salmon, If the Fishermen are unstaked from the beautiful river. 

When a new Fisherman is born, the Bears attempt to steal the Salmon as they lose control. However, it’s given to an aimlessly named bear instead of the proprietor who formed it, If only they are successful.


Bear Game Nft Marketplace


OpenSea is the largest market for the sale, purchase and minting of nfts. The Bear Game Nft has a market cap of:


 Bear Game NFT

Market Cap:




Volume (24h):




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