Pentsquad Nft: Hot Trending On Going NFT Mint

Pentsquad Nft: Trending On Going NFT Whitelist
Pentsquad Nft: Trending On Going NFT Whitelist


Pentsquad Nft: The Pentsquad collection is giving out free 1,000 of its mints to its first users.

Would you love to know about the new NFT on board and how to get it for free by being one of its earliest users??


If yes, this article is for you


Table Of Content

  • What is the Pentsquad project
  • How much does each Pentsquad cost
  • How many Pentsquad NFTs are there
  • Limits on how Pentsquad NFTs can be minted per transaction
  • Conclusion


What Is The Pentsquad Project??

pentsquad nft


The Pentsquad nft is a unique collection of NFTs launched in the Ethereum blockchain.

The Pentsquads presence is drawn from the vibrations of the NFTs, They are observing the bears & are fortunately here to stay, Join the movement, in order not to be caught unawares.


According to the developers, they created a system whereby Pentsquads – Among them, are Elites, Scientifics & Civilians. Humanity is still not sure if they represent peace or war. They will study Earth & then make a decision.

Pentsquads can be aggressive but they calm down if they have a good laugh. They are attracted by jokes & are amazed by the concept of memes, which they think have united humans & are the only chance of a peaceful universe. 

How much does each Pentsquad nft cost??


Each of its NFT will cost 0.022 Eth but the first 1,000 NFTs are free to mint.


 Pentsquad nft Marketplace

Pentsqaud nft collection will be open for trades at Opensea after mint is out.


Pentsquad nf Launch date

The pentsqaud nft launch date  will also be communicated later.


How many Pentsquad NFTs are there??


There are 5,000(five thousand) Pentsquads NFTs in this collection that are available for minting.


Is there a limit on how many Pentsquads NFTs can be minted per transaction?


Up to 5 NFTs can be minted in one transaction.

Pentsqaud nft mint price 

The mint price is 0.022eth





Though it’s a new NFT collection, you too can hop in and get one of their collectibles minted for free but for your own transactional safety, it is expected you DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before going into a project of any kind.


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